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To be an artist, is to be an activist in Canada. One of our many roles is to advocate for our work, for better work, and for more work.

That’s why, on Thursday October 13, 2016, ACTRA members across Ontario took action.

Our industry is booming. In Ontario, our success is responsible for 32,489 full time equivalent jobs and contributes more than $1.5 billion to the Ontario economy. We need to celebrate our work, support investment to maintain our competitive position and create jobs and secure stability and basic protections for artists to make sure the industry works for everyone.

To get this, we need to be heard by those making decisions, those in Government.

That’s why on October 13, close to 1,000 ACTRA members across Ontario took action and emailed, phoned, met with and tweeted at their local politicians.

Thank you to all of you for taking the time to advocate for our work, for better work and for more work.

Together we are pushing back against the recent destructive CRTC decision changing Canadian content requirements so it’s easier to hire foreign performers instead of Canadian performers.

We are making sure the Province sends a clear message to production companies that tax credits are stable and their work and jobs are welcome here.

We all depend on politicians to make the right decisions so that more jobs are created here and we’re paid fairly. If decision makers aren’t told by us how our industry works, we can’t count on them to make the right decisions for us.

Thursday October 13, 2016, we told them loud and clear and they heard us.

Here’s a look at some of the results from our day of action:


Over 1,000 emails were sent to politicians across Ontario calling for support for all of us so we have the opportunities we need and deserve for our industry to continue to grow.


Over 750 ACTRA members signed up in advance and Committed to Act on October 13. We looked up their politicians for them and sent them a personalized email making it easy for them to email, tweet, phone and write to their local politicians.


More than 500 personal emails were sent from ACTRA members directly to their City Councillors, Members of Provincial Parliament and Members of Parliament asking them to support Canadian content and performers.


Over 400 ACTRA members also took action through our website and emailed the Prime Minister, Premier, leaders of the opposition, key Ministers and others asking them to support performers and Canadian content.


Over 100 friends and supporters of performers took action through our website and emailed the Prime Minister, Premier, leaders of the opposition, key Ministers and others asking them to support performers and Canadian content.


Over 50 ACTRA members attended lobby training and meetings with their local politicians.


Over 30 meetings with politicians from across Ontario. This includes meetings with key Ministers and the Premier’s office.

We trended on Twitter

On October 14, we lit up twitter with #actra, #supportperformers and #digicancontrending for hours as ACTRA members tweeted out their actions, their photos of meetings and their questions to politicians.

We have highlighted a lot of tweets and photos for you in our recent e-newsletter.

We made some serious gains

Many politicians heard you loud and clear. They committed their support to Canadian performers and Canadian content. They committed to being advocates at other levels of government. You can even see some of the commitments made on twitter!

Federally, many of the MPs we met with committed to trying to hold off the CRTC decision and asked what else they could do to help.

Provincially, Ontario MPPs were supportive of the objectives laid out in the Premier’s mandate letter to our new Provincial Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, in which support for arts and culture was identified as one of her first priorities. Here is a key line from the letter: Building on the best year on record for film and TV, market our talented film crews, world-class facilities and stable tax credit infrastructure to the world.

It was clear in our meetings that the MPPS understand the importance of a long term commitment to stable tax credits to attract investment and create wok opportunities in this important Ontario industry.

Thank you!

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