ACTRA Toronto Factsheets

ACTRA Toronto Factsheets are a great source of information about ACTRA Toronto policies, procedures and the many benefits of membership.


Your Business Representatives and OSLOs

ACTRA’s contracts are administered and enforced by staff Business Representatives. Commercial Business Representatives deal with NCA issues and IPA Business Representatives with film, television, animation, web, gaming, audio and everything else. Go to the Contact Us page of our website for the names and contact information for our Business Representatives.
If you have a problem on a specific production, go to the What’s Shooting page to find out the Business Representative’s name and contact information for that particular production and email them with the details. Or logon to the AMS Member Portal and log your issue using our electronic ticketing system called Helpdesk.
On-Set Liaison Officers (called OSLOs) are full ACTRA members who visit sets by Business Representative’s request, typically if there are minors, stunts or large numbers of background performers. OSLOs are not qualified to interpret the agreements. They function as the eyes and ears of the Business Representative and report back to them.

Performers’ Rights Society (PRS)

ACTRA Performers Rights’ Society administers the payment of residual monies owed to members for the re-use of their work. You can arrange for direct deposit of these payments to your bank account or, alternatively, choose to receive one paper cheque per year with all your residual earnings combined.


ACTRA Toronto communicates with its members in several ways:


Periodically, ACTRA Toronto will send e-mail newsletters to inform you about upcoming union events, business and issues. Information about voting on union matters will be communicated by email so it’s very important to keep ACTRA informed of your preferred email address and update it as it changes.

Our website has much of what you need to know and is fully searchable. Popular sections include the What’s Shooting and the Agents Directory.
ACTRA Toronto publishes a magazine called Performers twice a year which is mailed to your home address. We also publish a newsletter called Performers on Set which is distributed to sets 3-4 times a year.
Both publications can be read online. 

Social Media

ACTRA Toronto has a YouTube account for union advocacy videos, a Facebook page a Twitter account and an Instagram account. Stay connected with your community of fellow performers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube




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