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Act Your Age Committee

The actor’s own life experience is the cornerstone of any performance. The broader and deeper that experience, the greater the capacity to understand and communicate the stories of others.

So come and play with us and…act your age!

About Us

Act Your Age (AYA) is a volunteer committee that has been formed by some of our union’s senior members, for the following purposes:

  1. To celebrate our talents by embracing the history, dignity,  and richness of our stories of survival
  2. To provide opportunities through an active actors’ gym to keep our skills facile and our focus sharp
  3. To educate the industry and marketers, over time, on the needs and concerns of senior performers
  4. To establish strong liaisons with other ACTRA Toronto committees, such as YEAA, Diversity and TAWC
  5. To explore and spotlight the new reality of what it means to be a senior
  6. To advocate for a change in the perception of senior performers – from invisible and easily dismissed, to capable, hireable, and fun


Our society’s preoccupation with youth means that older actors are too often forgotten. That’s not just a shame for the actors themselves and a terrible waste of their abilities. It’s also a serious blow to our understanding of ourselves as a society and of the aging process that is part of life.

Without public role models and a visible and positive “place in the story”, it is all too easy for aging people to become invisible to themselves and to others and to fall prey to feelings of shame, isolation and loneliness.


ACTRA Toronto’s Act Your Age Committee rejects this limiting social narrative and offers instead a very different vision of seniors and senior performers, through a series of entertaining and thought provoking short videos.


With grace, wit and considerable charm, Misconceptions challenges our thinking about older people and their abilities. Shot with the generous support of PAL Toronto, the Ontario Seniors Community Grant Program, AFBS, AFM, William F. White International, Bling Digital, Sim Digital, Urban Sound and Creative Arts Savings & Credit Union, Misconceptions explores and contrasts the image seniors have of themselves — experienced, capable, energetic, vital, fun and sexy — with how they are too often portrayed in the media — challenged, slow, dowdy, infirm, out of date. The message that our misconceptions can blind us to a true appreciation of others and deprive those we overlook or underestimate of the opportunity to participate fully in society is ageless.


Actors Don’t Retire

The Actors Don’t Retire video is intended to serve as an entertaining (and humorous) reminder to the entertainment industry and the public at large that older actors bring a wealth of talent and a lifetime of performing experience to set and that the stories that they have to tell are important to all of us.


AYA Co-Chairs

Act Your Age Committee Co-Chair Heather DickHeather Dick

I’ve enjoyed and learned from many wonderful AYA members, workshops and activities over the past few years. Now, I’m looking forward to working with and for you, the members, to organize many more fun and challenging experiences and to support your interests and needs.

Act Your Age Committee Co-Chair Jorie MorrowJorie Morrow

Jorie considers it a rich experience to co-chair and facilitate the expression of all AYA members’ well-earned wisdom, experience and creativity. She looks forward to playing and working hard with this talented committee.

Upcoming Events

AYA …Has Gone Fishin’

AYA …Has Gone Fishin’

Our sessions may be over till the fall but in the meantime we’ll be seeing each other on sets and at the Pride and Labour Day Parades.
To keep our membership informed please let us know through the AYA email if you have any shows coming up this summer!

Have a safe and happy summer everyone!

See you in the Fall!


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