Contact your Membership Department with:

  • questions about which form you need
  • help completing a form
  • to deliver a completed form if you are not able to email it.

The easiest way to return a form is by email to one of these addresses:



Certain fillable .pdf forms contain auto-calculation functions or other features which depend on scripting. These forms do not open in most browsers nor on most mobile devices. Instead, download the file and open it in your computer’s default pdf reader, by right clicking and selecting the “Save As” or “Save link as…” option from the drop down menu.

To open “fillable” forms, you will need to have Adobe Reader version 6.0.2 or later. You can update or add the reader on your PC or Mac for free at


Info Changes and Updates:

  1.  ACTRA Toronto Change of Address Form
    Use this form to keep your mailing address up-to-date with ACTRA so you will receive cheques and other important mail.
  2.  Name Change Form
    If you change your legal name or your professional name, update ACTRA using this form.
  3.  Branch Transfer Form
    If you move to another location and will be working under a different branch of ACTRA you will need to complete and provide this form.
  4. Direct Deposit for Use Fees Complete this form to have your payments from the Performers’ Rights Society (PRS) deposited directly into your existing bank or credit union account. After each deposit you will receive a detailed confirmation and payment details. (If your PRS cheques come to you via your agent, you do not need to sign up.)
    To get started:

    1. Download and complete Direct Deposit Authorization Form.
    2. email the form to  PRS.

Permit Applications:

  1.  Commercial (NCA) Work Permit Application
    Complete this form to apply for a permit to work on a commercial under ACTRA’s jurisdiction.
  2.  IPA Work Permit Application
    Complete this form to apply for a permit to work on an independent or broadcast film, television, new media, animation, project or PSA under ACTRA’s jurisdiction. (This writeable version is a large document and may take time to load.) Please email the completed form to

To learn more about permit rates and and how they apply as credits towards membership, visit the permits page.

Membership Applications:

  1.  Application for ACTRA Additional Background Performer Membership
    For more information on whether you qualify as an AABP, visit this section.
  2.  Application for Apprentice Membership
    For more information on qualifying for Apprentice membership, visit this section.
  3.  Application for Full Membership
    For information on how to become a member of ACTRA, visit our section on Joining ACTRA.

NOTE: ACTRA Membership is only open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents. You will need to provide proof of citizenship (passport or birth certificate) or of permanent residency upon joining.

Other Forms:

  1.  Agent Complaint Form
    If you have complaints about what you see as unethical behaviour by an agent, complete and submit this form.
  2.  Weekly Report of Minor’s Trust Deductions
    Please remit this form along with cheque made payable to ACTRA Performers’ Rights Society to the contracting ACTRA Branch in keeping with payroll obligations referred to in the IPA.
  3.  Upgrade Request Form 2018
    NOTE: Submission of the Performer Upgrade Request Form is within 30 days as per IPA Article A1001 (d)-“The Performer must advise ACTRA within thirty (30) days of the date on which the Performer becomes aware or ought to have become aware of the act or omission…”
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