Before you sign any representation agreement with an agency, read and consider this legal document carefully. What are the agent’s responsibilities? What are your responsibilities?

ACTRA cannot recommend agents or agencies. For your convenience we provide a  list of agents who have joined the Entertainment Industry Coalition (EIC) and signed a  Code of Ethical Conduct. You may want to compare this Code to any representation agreement you consider.

A (C) next to an agency’s name means that the agency is also a member of CTAG, the  Canadian Talent Agency Group.

A (T) next to an agency’s name means that the agency is also a member of TAMAC, the  Talent Agents and Managers Association of Canada.


Make sure you understand and agree when and how much you will pay your agent.

Do your research: ask other performers about their experiences with this agent. Is what you are agreeing to fair?

Do you require cheques to be sent directly to your agent? While some agencies make this arrangement a condition of representation, it is important to remember that ACTRA Toronto is not a party to the agreements between talent agencies and their clients and is not bound by any such terms. ACTRA Toronto re-directs cheques as a courtesy to performers and is under no legal obligation to re-direct cheques as requested. ACTRA Toronto reserves the right to cease re-directing cheques, at any time and for any reason, at its sole discretion. If the cheque forwarding service is important to you, see if cheque re-direction is available to the agency in question.

About the EIC

The EIC (Entertainment Industry Coalition) was formed in early 1996 to deal with the problem of unethical talent agents. The EIC promotes a code of conduct for talent and modelling agents who want to run their businesses in an ethical manner.

For Agents

If you’re an agent who would like to apply for membership in the EIC, please download and complete an EIC Application Package and submit it as directed.

Already registered with EIC?

The  EIC Code of Ethical Conduct was updated in February of 2018. If your agency signed the EIC Code of Conduct prior to February 2018 and you wish to maintain your EIC membership in good standing and your agency listing on the ACTRA Toronto website, please download the new code, sign it and send a copy (signed by the agency owner) to the attention of  EIC Code of Ethics Update..

To file a complaint against a talent agent or agency

If you believe your talent agent has acted in an unethical manner, please fill out the Talent Agent Complaint Form.

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