Young Girl Hula Hooping on Her BedAll children need encouragement and recognition and to know that they are loved and accepted.

Performing demands focus, determination and hard work. Working on-set involves long hours and sometimes difficult working conditions. Because of these things it is important that children and their parents pursue this career path for the right reasons.

Many children become performers because, from an early age, they are outgoing, confident and want to perform. Under the watchful eye of a responsible, caring parent, these children can have a rewarding experience in film, television or commercials.


What Should I Know About Talent Agents?

A talent agent is contracted to arrange auditions and negotiate a contract for your child. ACTRA Toronto only lists agencies who have signed the  Code of Ethical Conduct. Be very cautious of agencies that offer guarantees of work or try to sell you courses, photos, services or demand up‐front fees. Legitimate agents only make money if your child works as a performer.

What Should I Know About Auditions?

Your child’s agent will call you with the time and place, and details of the project, director, producer, casting director and ad agency (for commercial auditions). Keep a work diary to record this information; it will be important if your child is booked. Take special note of shoot dates and inform your agent immediately of any scheduling conflicts. Otherwise your child will be expected to be available on the shoot dates. Auditions must be held a reasonable length of time after school hours. Always arrive 10 to 15 minutes early and make sure you’ve read the breakdowns and scripts that your agent has provided. If you’re attending a commercial audition, remember to fill out the ACTRA sign‐in sheets.

What if my child gets the job?

Visit our  Child Performers & Parents page.

Click on the Caution: Children at Work sticker to find out about the new Ontario law to protect all children working in entertainment, whether on-stage or in recorded media, whether union or non-union.

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