Every day ACTRA Toronto champions its members’ rights.

Our union works to help create a flourishing production environment that attracts business to Ontario and producers to ACTRA Toronto.
But what is the ACTRA Advantage for members?

Better pay

When you work ACTRA you’re not only guaranteed a minimum fee, once you’ve shot the production and however the production is used, you’re paid for your work. Since 1983 ACTRA Performers’ Rights Society (PRS) has paid out millions in use fees, royalties, residuals and all other forms of compensation or remuneration to which ACTRA members and permit holders are entitled.


Retirement benefits

By working ACTRA, you’re actually putting away money for your retirement. Every time you work under an ACTRA contract, a portion of your earnings are remitted to ACTRA Fraternal Benefit Society (AFBS) to be put into your own individual retirement savings plan. Thanks to our negotiated collective agreements, producers contribute more than double what you do. AFBS then invests those funds wisely on your behalf to ensure a positive return for you when you retire.


Health benefits

When you work ACTRA, you have access to a full range of health benefits provided by AFBS. In addition to extended medical, dental and eye care, AFBS provides health benefits for retirement facilities, home care and assistance support, special needs, prolonged illness, extended disabilities, addiction treatment, and funerals. And the coverage is not just for you, but may also include your spouse/partner, and any dependent children.


Work opportunities

When you work ACTRA, you’re considered a professional performer by the film, television and digital media industry. Compared to all other non-union performers, you’ll enjoy preference of engagement with producers. You’ll have access to training programs where you can meet other professionals and learn the inside track of the acting world from how to land the audition, to working with your agent, to managing your finances.


Intervention when there’s trouble

ACTRA’s 11 collective agreements establish minimum fees, terms and working conditions. These agreements do more than make sure you get paid a fair wage; they make sure you’re protected every time you step on a set. We’ve got rules covering health and safety, work hours, set conditions, nudity, and harassment. ACTRA is especially proud of our rules protecting young performers.


Fighting for our culture

When you work ACTRA, you’ll be a member of one of Canada’s leading cultural organizations. Our union is a vocal advocate for the arts and the right for Canadians to have opportunities to tell and see our own stories.



The Union Advantage: Together Fairness Works


Unions make a difference both at work and in the quality of life we enjoy. We call that difference the “union advantage.” Each year, just in time for Labour Day, the Canadian Labour Congress releases research to show the economic benefits of having unions at work – for workers and the communities where they live. That research shows that, in Canada, unionized workers earn $5.28 more an hour, on average, than non-union workers.


The labour movement isn’t just about decent jobs. It’s about a better life, for everyone. How? Vacation time. Fair wages. Equal pay. Decent pensions. Safe workplaces. Union jobs benefit everyone. 

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