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ACTRA is a member-driven union working to secure rights and respect for the work of professional performers. There are many ways you can get involved.

Committees & Caucuses

Did you know ACTRA Toronto has 11 Committees and Caucuses you can join?



Professional Development

We also offer training and professional development opportunities for members. The ACTRA Toronto biannual Members’ Conferences have free workshops, master classes and networking opportunities with fellow actors. Regular monthly orientation sessions are also organized for Background Performers and Apprentices, as well as workshops on set etiquette, and preventing harassment sponsored jointly with the other screen-based unions and guilds.


Executive & Council

ACTRA Toronto is governed by a council of elected members of the union, with the support of union staff. Council elections are held every two years. Full Members in good standing elect 24 Councillors to provide the vision to move our union forward. The selection of that leadership is up to us. Get involved by nominating a member you respect or consider running for Council if you’re ready. Serving on ACTRA Toronto Council is a great way to give something back while learning more about how our industry works in Toronto, in Ontario and across Canada.



Help us celebrate our work. Every year, we hold the ACTRA Awards in Toronto. Any member in good standing can give a nod of appreciation to outstanding performances in principal roles by fellow ACTRA Toronto members by submitting them for consideration for the Awards.


Talk to your municipal, provincial and federal legislators

We can also talk to the general public and our federal, provincial and municipal politicians about our work. Write letters to the editor. Call or e-mail your MPP. Participate in community meetings. Speak up for Canadian culture and promote the work of Canadian performers.

VOTE! One the most important things you can do as citizen and a performer is vote. Government policies directly affect your work opportunities.


Social Media

We want to hear what’s going on. Connect with us on Facebook (ACTRA Toronto) and Twitter (@ACTRAToronto) and share your stories.



Keep up-to-date about ACTRA Toronto’s on-going campaigns and events by signing up for our e-blasts, reading Performers magazine and On-Set Newsletter, and visiting the ACTRA Toronto website.


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