Arts and culture are essential, not only to performers, but to our economy and our society. The film, television and new media industry is big business.


Toronto’s Screen-Based Industry


  • Toronto is the third largest screen-based production centre in North America, behind Los Angeles and New York City.
  • Toronto’s film and television industry directly employs more than 25,000 people, and is a full service jurisdiction with superb talent both in front of and behind the camera, including digital animation and special effects, and some of the industry’s best production and post production facilities.
  • In 2014 domestic and international screen-based production companies invested a record $1.23 billion in on-location filming in Toronto, exceeding the $1 billion mark for the fourth consecutive year.
  • Television commercials accounted for $195 million while the animation component of the industry generated $87 million.
  • Investment in major domestic productions reached $652 million, and exceeded spending by major international productions ($299 million) by $353 million.
  • The film, television and digital media industry generates millions of dollars of additional spending in Toronto related to agency costs for talent, and in-house broadcaster production (e.g., news and public affairs programming).


Source: Toronto’s On-screen Industry: 2014 Year in Review, Toronto City Council Economic Development Committee, April 2015

Ontario’s Film and Television Production Activity:


  • Film and television production contributed $1.29 billion to the provincial economy in 2014, and accounted for almost 28,000 full-time direct and indirect jobs.
  • Television series production, both domestic and foreign, is responsible for $1,048.8 billion (81 per cent) of the total results.
  • Domestic television series’ production contributed $684.4 million of the total amount.
  • There are more foreign TV series produced in Ontario than ever before, accounting for $319.3 million.
  • The number of domestic feature film productions rose dramatically in 2014 (43 v. 29), but budgets decreased ($105.7 million in 2014), resulting in part from a number of lower-budget films.


20 Year Chart_en


Source: OMDC: Ontario Film and Television Production 2012 – 2014


Canada’s Film and Television Sector:


  • Supported 262,700 full time equivalent jobs, including 132,500 film and television production jobs
  • Generated $12.8 billion in labour income
  • Generated $20.4 billion in gross domestic product (GDP)
  • Television productions generated 59.8% of production revenues, followed by commercials (13.6%) and feature films (11.4%)
  • Recorded an export value of $2.4 billion
  • Returned $5.5 billion in tax revenue: $2.8 billion in federal taxes and $2.7 billion in provincial and local taxes
  • Produced $279.7 million worth of computer animation
  • Produced $435 million worth of visual effects
  • Attracted 1.9 million in total attendance and over $160 million in expenditures to Canada’s major film festivals.


Sources: The Economic Contribution of the Film and Television Sector in Canada, Nordicity, July 2013; Film Television and Video Production Service Bulletin, Statistics Canada, February 2013


CMG Survey of Factual TV Workers

A survey released courtesy of the Canadian Media Guild highlights the precarious circumstances endured by workers in Canada’s unscripted and reality sector. CMG’s key findings – nearly half of all Canadian Factual TV workers report unsafe working conditions and bullying on set.

 Click here to read the report.


 Read our “Film, Television & Digital Media Industry” factsheet for more information (pdf)


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