The new IPA Terms of Settlement were approved by 85.8% of voting members in a union wide referendum (with 17.2% of eligible members casting ballots).




Toronto by the numbers


In Toronto, the results were clear.

7,104 ballots were issued to Toronto members. 1,239 votes were cast (17.4% of ballots issued). Of the 1,239 votes cast, 79.3% of the total (or 983 members) voted Yes. 20.7% (or 256 members) voted No.

Now that the agreement has been ratified by all parties, the new rates, terms and conditions of the 2019-2021 IPA will come into effect on January, 1st 2019.


A message from ACTRA Toronto President Theresa Tova

ACTRA Toronto President Theresa Tova - headshotThis new IPA is a good deal, my friends, for every category of membership.

An annual general increase of 3% in each of the 3 years (Stunt Coordinators rates will increase 5% in the first year and 3% in each of the subsequent two years). [Note, the average wage increases in Ontario this year have been less than 3%. A 9% increase over 3 years is a significant achievement.]

Improved measures on harassment prevention, nudity, and respectful workplace language. I want to acknowledge the hard work of the ACTRA Toronto Ad hoc Committee on Preventing Sexual Harassment for their support and guidance in helping us to negotiate these gains.

Recognition for ACTRA Additional Background Performers; and an increase in the Background Performer Count. These improvements were hard fought and are only a couple of the gains we achieved for performers who work in the background. Thanks to the background performers who attended focus groups and the Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Full Member Background Committee, Chairs of the Apprentice and AABP Caucuses and the Background Advocate.

A self-tape will be considered an audition or audition recall when the Producer requires the Performer to submit a self-tape.

For Series Optioned Performers, the maximum RRSP Engager contribution per series cycle will increase to $8,300 (from $7,920).

Four additional Use options have been added for Animation Productions to increase work opportunities for ACTRA Animation Voice Performers. The ACTRA Toronto Voice Committee Co-Chairs and members played an integral role in fighting for a level playing field for animation performers from coast-to-coast-to-coast. These new use options will help us be more competitive and create more work opportunities in the animation sector.

A big thank you to the hard working members of the negotiating team and to all the members who shared their comments and questions through the ratification period!

In solidarity,


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