National Commercial Agreement

ACTRA and the Joint Broadcasting Committee of the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) and the Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) are at the bargaining table, negotiating the National Commercial Agreement. Please note that, by mutual agreement of the parties, bargaining details are not published while negotiations are in progress. The terms of the current 2017-2020 Agreement remain in effect until a new Agreement has been reached and ratified by the Parties.

Commercials are an important source of income for many performers and the National Commercial Agreement is an important agreement for ACTRA.

The National Commercial Agreement (NCA) defines the professional relationship between commercial engagers and performers engaged in commercial productions in ACTRA’s jurisdiction. It’s not a “union rule book” but rather a living document of the evolving conversation between the parties over time – a conversation about fair wages and decent working conditions for performers and the mutual obligations that both engagers and performers share.

ACTRA Toronto members are well represented in the current negotiations. Take a moment to meet your representatives at the table…

Your ACTRA Toronto NCA Bargaining Team

David Gale

Sandra Beckles

Scott Farley

David Gale has starred in dozens of commercials, on camera and voice. He won a Gemini for hosting Loving Spoonfuls and currently hosts the ACTRA Spotlight podcast. Credits include: Suits, The Listener and Degrassi. Gale served on the ACTRA Toronto Board as VP since 2007 and in 2021 was acclaimed President.

"Bargaining is one of the most important tasks of a Union. That’s how we guarantee fair pay, safe and sanitary working conditions and respect and dignity for all our members.  ACTRA members are precarious workers who mostly work from gig to gig.  United we bargain, divided we beg."

I was born and raised in Toronto and my interest in performing began early in life reading voraciously, watching live theatre, and movies. I am an experienced actor and voiceover artist who enjoys working in front of as well as behind the camera making characters and narrations come to life.

"After years of enjoying the benefits of ACTRA membership, my first experience in NCA negotiations has increased my appreciation for all the individuals that champion our rights to fair and equitable employment as performers in a precarious industry. I'm pleased to be a voice in the room for my peers."

Scott Farley is an actor/writer/producer and voice actor based in Toronto. He has appeared in films and tv shows including Private Eyes, Murdoch Mysteries, The Moblees, Glowbies, and Elliot the Littlest Reindeer. He is currently developing the series Stories From My Gay Grandparents.

"It has been an illuminating experience to take part in these negotiations and hear concerns and ideas from both sides of the table. I'm so proud of ACTRA as we move forward with the best interest of performers in mind. You’re in good hands with ACTRA."

Jamaal Grant

Ipsita Paul

Richard Young

Jamaal Grant is an Actor, Writer, & Video Game Filmmaker, having appeared in several TV shows, films and commercials. Some of his credits include Taken, Covert Affairs, The Expanse, Super Mighty Makers, and of course those McDonald's Big Mac Bacon spots.

"30-40% of Canada's demographic is a visible minority. That means every poster, billboard, TV show, movie, and commercial in Canada should reflect the same thing. Life imitates art. And art imitates life. Or at least it should."

Ipsita Paul is a Toronto based actress, voiceover artist, children's author and a former Broadway dancer. On screen roles include an upcoming thriller A Date with Danger, Season 2 of First Person - Babe In The Woods and the Emmy Award winning show - The Handmaid's Tale. She has also voiced many national campaigns for major brands.

"As an ACTRA member for over 20 years I've enjoyed the many benefits our membership offers. Being part of the NCA bargaining team has been eye-opening and raised my appreciation for my fellow members and the tremendous work that goes into ensuring our fair and equitable treatment."

Richard Young is a South Asian (Indo-Caribbean) actor/screenwriter, the ACTRA Toronto Treasurer and the ACTRA National Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair. Acting credits include: Taken (NBC), Kim’s Convenience (CBC) and Endlings (Hulu-CBC). Screenwriting credits include: Overlord and the Underwoods (CBC), 16 Hudson (TVO), and Maternal (CBC Reflections).

"Added to the fast-changing world of commercials, the pandemic has led to permanent changes in the audition and shooting process while shining a light on inequality. More than ever, it's important that all performers are respected and compensated fairly."