A Joint Update from ACTRA, ICA and ACA

February 10, 2023

We have just wrapped up a week of bargaining with ICA and ACA.

The parties have agreed to continue bargaining in the coming weeks.

We will not be providing further information out of respect for the bargaining process until these negotiations have concluded.

Lockout of ACTRA performers by some advertising agencies

For months, some advertising agencies have locked-out ACTRA performers who make commercials. Our performances made award-winning ads that got results—just as we’ve done for more than 60 years under a collective agreement these agencies tried to kill. But we’re fighting back and the agencies are feeling they’ve acted on bad advice.

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Rally for Respect

ACTRA Toronto members are taking action by rallying outside of advertising agencies in Toronto to call out their disgraceful behaviour.


Labour allies and Canadian politicians at all levels of government support ACTRA performers and their fight for fair wages, benefits, and pensions. Here’s what they have to say:

You’re in Good Company with ACTRA

Canada’s film, television and commercial stars have joined the fight to protect performers’ rights and maintain stability and certainty in the advertising industry.