The union is the engine. Our dues are the fuel.

New plastic ACTRA Toronto membership card

The dues we pay as ACTRA Toronto members allow us to negotiate better wages & working conditions and also to create more work opportunities for all our members through effective advocacy and outreach. The RESPECT AT WORK: ACTRA Toronto Operating Plan 2019-20 ensures that your dues are carefully directed towards the services that members have identified as important.

ACTRA Toronto leads the fight for Canadian stories on our screen, for a properly funded, well-regulated thriving Canadian production industry and for your rights as a performer.

Do your part. Pay your dues or annual fees before the April 30th deadline and get involved in your union!



Dues/annual fee invoices are sent by email!

AT-EMAIL@-ICONACTRA Toronto’s financial year begins in March and a new financial year means a new dues period. In 2018, for example, dues invoices were emailed to Full members on March 19th to the email address that we had on file for you.



ACTRA’s National By-Laws require all members to provide the union with an active email address.
ACTRA NATIONAL BY-LAWS – Obligations of a Member, Article 6

“A member shall at all times maintain a current photograph and resume, personal address, telephone number, e-mail address and HST/GST/TVQ number, where applicable, at their Branch/Local Union office. A member must advise the Branch/Local Union office of any change within thirty (30)days.

ACTRA and ACTRA Branch/Local Union offices send communications by electronic and other means. A member consents to receive such communications from ACTRA and its Branches/Local Union offices as a condition of ACTRA membership.”

How to pay

  • Online  

Do you have your membership number and credit card information ready? Click the button to pay online now.


  • In Person  

You can pay your dues or annual fees in person during normal business hours (9:00 am to 4:45 pm, Monday to Friday) in the Membership Department on the first floor of the ACTRA Toronto offices at 625 Church Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada · M4Y 2G1

  • From your Creative Arts Savings & Credit Union account  

Go to Pull down the Online Banking menu and click on Account Login. Log in to your account(s). Click on Payments. Click on Add Payee. In the Search pane, type ACTRA Toronto (case doesn’t matter) and press Enter. Click on the blue ACTRA Toronto link.

Enter your 7 digit Account Number. Your Account Number is your Full Member ACTRA ID without the letter “T” before the zero. (e.g. ACTRA ID T04-12345 becomes Account Number 0412345.)

Press Enter. Congratulations! You can now pay your dues or annual fees, directly from your Creative Arts account!



No invoice? Try updating your contact information.

Call the ACTRA Toronto office at 416.928.2278 and make sure that we have your current contact information on file. You can complete and submit our online  ACTRA Toronto Change of Address Form. Remember, it’s your responsibility as an ACTRA Toronto member to make sure your address, phone number, email, photo and agent authorization are up-to-date so that your union communications and your cheques are sent to the right place.


It’s all about email!

ACTRA Toronto regularly communicates important information by email. If you don’t have an email address, you are at risk of missing important deadlines and the opportunity to vote in online elections and other referenda. Again, it’s easy to update your contact information. Complete and submit the online  ACTRA Toronto Change of Address Form.


Non-payment of dues means suspension!


ACTRA’s by-laws allow for automatic membership suspension if your dues are not paid by April 30, 2016, and you have not placed your membership on withdrawal. Suspended members may not work in ACTRA’s jurisdiction and may be fined for doing so. Reinstatement after suspension requires payment of all outstanding dues and fees plus a reinstatement fee of 10%. Suspended members are also charged a 10% fee on commercial residual cheques and an additional fee of 25% on PRS residual cheques. No fun! Avoid all the hassle, protect your membership and pay your dues on time.


Non-payment of AABP Annual Fees means cancellation!


Paying your annual fee ensures that all the vouchers that you have accumulated as an AABP member can be used to earn your first ACTRA Apprentice credit. AABP members are the only performers who can use their BG vouchers to earn union membership in this way. If your Annual Fee isn’t paid, your AABP membership will cancelled and all the BG vouchers you accumulated as an AABP member will no longer be able to be used to earn a 1st Apprentice Credit.


Going on Withdrawal

If you have been a Full Member in good standing (all prior dues, fees and/or fines paid up) for at least one full year and find that you can’t pay your dues, and/or you don’t expect to work in ACTRA’s jurisdiction in the coming year, consider going on withdrawal rather than being suspended or, worse, resigned for non-payment.

Going on withdrawal makes reactivating your membership easier and saves you from paying past dues and expensive reinstatement fees.


It takes more than a phone call to go on withdrawal. You must fill out an application and pay a $48.75 fee (1/4 of annual basic dues). You will not be charged dues again until you reinstate as an active member by paying your annual dues (prorated to the current month) in the year that you reinstate.

Members on Withdrawal:

May not work in ACTRA’s jurisdiction nor do non-union work.

Pay a 10% fee for any commercial residual cheques you receive and ACTRA Performers’ Rights Society (PRS) will deduct 25% from any royalty payments.

Members may find that their benefit plan with the Actra Fraternal Benefit society (AFBS) is affected by going on withdrawal. Please contact AFBS at 416.967.6600.

Applying to go on Withdrawal:

Fill out and submit the online  Withdrawal Request Form. ACTRA Toronto Membership staff will contact you to confirm your decision to withdraw and to arrange payment of the Withdrawal Fee which is currently set at $48.75. Please note that your Membership status will not change until payment has been received. Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard, debit, cheque or cash. Withdrawal Request Forms may also be filled out and submitted in person at the ACTRA Toronto offices, by fax (416) 928-0429, by email ( or by mail (please do not send cash by mail) addressed to:

Attn:     Membership Department,

ACTRA Toronto,

625 Church Street Suite #102,

Toronto, ON M4Y 2G1

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