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A (T) next to an agency’s name means that it is also a member of TAMAC, the  Talent Agents and Managers Association of Canada.

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The  EIC Code of Ethical Conduct was updated in February of 2018. If your agency signed the EIC Code of Conduct prior to February 2018 and you wish to maintain your EIC membership in good standing and your agency listing on the ACTRA Toronto website, please download the new code, sign it and send a copy (signed by the agency owner) to the attention of  EIC Code of Ethics Update..

To file a complaint against a talent agent or agency

If you believe your talent agent has acted in an unethical manner, please fill out the Talent Agent Complaint Form.

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Info Listing Represents Phone Email (primary) Website
View Actors & Artists Management

Principal, TV, Film, Commercials, Theatre

View Catalyst TCM Inc.

Principal, Children, Choreographers, Designers, Directors, Playwrights
View FilmComm Talent

Principal - Film, TV, Commercial, Voice, Children

(416) 915-3103
View Hines Management (T)

Principal, Children, Film, TV, Commercials, Theatre

(416) 463-8773
View Bella Agency, The

Principal, Commercials, Children, Theatre, Voice

(416) 637-5500
View Butler Ruston Bell Talent Assoc. Inc. (T)

Principal, Film, TV, Commercial, Theatre, Voice, Children

(416) 964-6660  
View Carrier Talent Management Inc.

Principal, Film, TV, Commercials, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Animation/Voice, Children (3+)

(416) 217-1000
View Characters Talent Agency, The (T)

Principal, Commercials, Choreographers, Designers, Directors, Make-up Artists, Producers, Theatre, Writers, Voice, Literary

(416) 964-8522
View Oldfield Talent (T)

Principle, Film, TV, Commercials, Voice

View Colin McMurray & Associates Inc.

Principal - Film, TV, Commercial, Voice and Theatre for Adults, Teens and Youth

(416) 899-8898
View Lorraine Wells & Company Talent Management Inc. (T)

Principal, Commercials, Directors, Theatre, Voice, Playwrights

View Glickman Alexander Talent Management

Principal, Commercials, Children & Teen, Theatre, Voice, Deaf actors

(416) 960-0565  
View Creative Drive Artists (T)

Principal, Film, TV, Commercials, Theatre, Voice, Children

(416) 530-0550  
View DLP Talent Management

Principal, Commercials, Theatre

(416) 462-0802  
View ETM Ltd./Edna Talent Management (T)

Principal, Commercials, Theatre, Voice, Youth

(416) 413-7800  
View Graham Talent Agency "GTA" (T)

Principals, Writers, Voice

View Exposure Talent

Principal, Commercials, Children, Infants, Seniors

View Hollywood North

Principal Adults and Children, Film, TV, Commercial, Theatre, Voice, Print

View Hubert Talent Agency Inc.

Principal, Commercials, Children, Theatre, Voice

View 10 Talent Management (T)

Principal, Film, TV, Commercials, Voice, Theatre, Choreographers

(905) 767-0202
View AAB Talent

Principal, Theatre, Commercial

(416) 594-0222
View Ambition Talent Inc. (T)

Principal, Youth/Children, Commercial, Voice, Theatre

(416) 916-8340
View AMI Artist Management Inc. (T)

Principal, Children, Commercial, Theatre, Voice

View Caliber Agency Inc.

General, Principal, Commercials, Theatre, Voice

View Choice Talent Agency

Principal, Film, Television, Commercial, Theatre, Voice, Children

(416) 964-8982
View da Costa Talent Management (T)

Principal, Film, TV, Commercials, Choreographers, Theatre

(416) 322-6554
View Fountainhead Talent Inc. (T)

Principal, Voice

(416) 538-6888
View Gary Goddard Agency Ltd. (T)

Principal, Commercials, Theatre, Writers. Established actors only.

(416) 928-0299
View Great North Artist Management (T)


View Hero Artists

Actors, Models, Children, Celebrities, Principals, Commercials, Voice, Print, Endorsements, Branding and Public Appearances

(416) 900-5561
View InVision Artists Talent Management (T)

Principal, Children, Commercial, Theatre, Voice

View Kamera Talent

Youth Principal, Children, Commercial, Theatre, Voice, Animation, Celebrity

(416) 504-5433
View M2 Talent Agency

Principal, Film, Television, Theatre, Commercials, Children

(647) 880-9641
View Meridian Artists (T)

Principal, Film, Television, Commercials, Theatre, Literary (Directors, Screenwriters, Authors)

(416) 961-2777
View Oscars Abrams Zimel & Associates Inc.

Principal, Writers, Directors, Designers, Choreographers, Producers, Commercial, Voice, Speakers, Young Talent

View Parent Management Inc. (T)

Actors and Writers for Film, TV and Commercials (Submissions By Referral Preferred)

(416) 977-5445  
View S.A.M. Talent & Music Agency (formerly EMG Canada)

Principal, Background, Music Artists, Children

(647) 222-9880
View Sutherland Models

Principal, Commercials, Models

View Talent House, The (T)

Principal, Commercials, Children, Choreographers, Designers, Directors, Theatre, Voice

View Velocci Model & Talent Management

Principal, Commercials, Children, Infants, Make-up Artists, Models, Voice

(416) 595-9855  
View Jordan & Associates (T)

Principal, Film, TV, Commercial, Voice, Theatre, Writers. Established actors only.

(416) 515-2028
View KB Artists Management

Principal: Film/TV; Theatre; Commercials; Voice

(416) 302-6632
View George Agency, The

Principal - Film, Television, Commercials - Children - Theatre - Voice

(416) 930-5617  
View Burke Agency Inc., The

Principal, Children, Commercials, Theatre, Voice

(416) 784-1514
View Minor Details Models & Talent

Principal, Children, Film, TV, Commercials, Modelling

(416) 405-8755
View Vanderwerff Talent (T)

Principal: Film, TV, Commercial, Voice for Youth and Young Adults

(416) 890-0905
View ARC Artist Representation Co., The (T)


View MNL Agency, The

Principal, Film, Television, Theatre, Commercials

(416) 203-7640  
View Noble Caplan Abrams

Principal, Film, TV, Theatre, Commercials, Voice, Young Talent Division. Literary Dept.

(416) 920-5385
View Edward G. Agency Ltd., The

Live performance artists - referral only.

View Newton Landry Management Inc. (T)

Principal, Film, TV, Commercial, Theatre, Voice, Children

View SG Management

Principal, Commercial, All Ages

(416) 801-6039
View Premier Artists' Management Inc. (T)

General, Principal, Theatre, Voice, Film and TV, Children and Youth

(416) 461-6868
View Skye Management

General, Principal, Film, TV, Commercials

View Porter Group, The

Principals, Commercials, Children, Print

(416) 238-0026
View Steve Young And Associates Inc. (T)

Principal, Directors, Theatre

View Star Talent Inc.

Principal, Film, TV, Commercials, Theatre, Print, Voice, Children

(905) 869-7888
View DWM Management

Principal, Commercials, Models

View K.G. Talent Inc. (T)

Principal actors for Film, Television, Commercial, Theatre, Voice and Motion Capture

(416) 368-4866
View Ritter Talent Agency

Principal, Film, Television, Commercials,

(647) 775-1564
View Amanda Rosenthal Talent Agency Inc. (T)

Principal - film, television, commercials, theatre, voice, children

(416) 925-4255
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