ACTRA Toronto Member Education

Work on your craft.

Learn new skills.

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ACTRA Toronto provides training opportunities throughout the year to support members in their careers. Check out the various professional development initiatives ACTRA Toronto offers its members.

Workshops and Masterclasses:

Members also have access to free workshops, master classes and networking opportunities with fellow actors at ACTRA Toronto’s biannual Members’ Conferences.

For an overview of our training opportunities, please read the  ACTRA Toronto Member Education Factsheet

Please register ON-LINE for all courses.

You must be a member in good standing in order to attend. For more information, please e-mail

Note to parents/guardians of child performers:

Parents can attend the AABP Orientation, the Apprentice Orientation as well as the AFBS Orientation on behalf of their children (under 18 years). When the performer reaches age 18, we recommend he/she attend the Respect on Set Workshop and the Full Member Session.


ACTRA Additional Background Performer (AABP) Orientation

Offered online, this hour and a half session is required for all new ACTRA Additional Background Performers (AABP). It provides an introduction to ACTRA and useful information to help AABP members become more involved and active in the business and as well as in the work of the union.


Open to: AABP members

Course fee: no cost

Available online

E-mail for more information:

Apprentice Orientation

The Apprentice Orientation provides information about the union and is required for all new Apprentice members. This online session is offered on our member education website. Topics include: your rights on set; your obligations as a member; pay, benefits, and the paperwork; and who’s who at ACTRA.


Open to:  Apprentice members

Course fee:  no cost

E-mail for more information:


Respect on Set Workshops


ACTRA Toronto offers this session to equip members with the tools they need on set. Each session is three hours in length (six hours in total) and is offered every month. Members can sign up for one or both sessions at the same time.

It’s Not Part of the Job: Preventing and Dealing with Harassment 

Ontario law requires productions to post and enforce anti-harassment and violence prevention policies. ACTRA Toronto is committed to safe, harassment-free workplaces. This session helps members better prevent and deal with harassment on set. We require all members to attend this session.

Set Talk: Film Set Etiquette and Staying Safe 

This session provides an overview of the set and how to stay healthy and safe in the business. Topics include: call sheets; acronyms and set lingo; awareness, prevention, dealing with accidents and injuries; who’s who; and do’s and don’ts on set.


Open to: All ACTRA Toronto members

Course fee:  no cost for ACTRA members

See Dates & Register here

E-mail for more information:


Full Member Session

The Full Member Session ensures that new members have solid grounding in the business aspects of being a professional performer. Topics include audition protocols, self-promotion and marketing, an overview of ACTRA’s collective agreements and how ACTRA works. This session is offered every month and runs over one day.


Prerequisite: Apprentice Orientation

Open to:  Apprentice and Full members

See Dates & Register here

E-mail for more information:


Actra Fraternal Benefit Society (AFBS) Orientation

Full ACTRA members are eligible for insurance, retirement and other benefits provided by the Actra Fraternal Benefit Society (AFBS). Engagers contribute to your insurance and retirement plans every time you work. As a Full Member, a percentage of your earnings is automatically contributed to your retirement plan, too. AFBS benefits and services are specially designed and administered to meet the needs of performers. Learn about the programs and plans available to you and your family.

Topics include insurance programs, health and dental coverage, RRSPs, fraternal benefits including scholarships, special needs, and counseling services.

Open to: Full members

Course fee:  no cost

E-mail for more information:

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