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Performers’ Radius Map

The TIP Application details for a potential applicant.
  • Producer Information

    Once you have completed the items on the checklist, provide your information to the TiP Coordinator electronically by completing this form.

    By completing and submitting this form the Producer acknowledges and warrants:

    • the truth and accuracy of information and documents submitted in and with this application;
    • that ACTRA Toronto and the CMPA have full discretion with no administrative duty of fairness;
    • that no agreement has been entered into or will be entered into with a performer unless and until this TiP application is approved at ACTRA Toronto‚Äôs and CMPA's discretion;
    • that ACTRA Toronto and CMPA reserve the right to consult all other parties involved with the submitting project;
    • that there is no guarantee of acceptance and approval by ACTRA Toronto and CMPA regardless of representations that may have been made by the TiP Coordinator;
    • that the Producer agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the TiP Guidelines.
  • The Primary Producer is the person whose signature is on the Voluntary Recognition Agreement (VRA).
  • List each producer on their own line. (Name, Phone, Email address)
  • The name of the production company.
  • The address information of the production company.
  • The primary phone number for the production company.
  • The alternate phone number for the production company.
  • Enter a number (not text). Minimum value is 1.
  • Enter a number (not text). Minimum value is 1.
  • CMPA Membership Number
  • Name of any Mentor working on this production.
  • Name of Executive Producer working on this production.
  • Name of Director working on this production.
  • Name of Writer working on this production.
  • One per line, please. (Name, Phone, Email Address)
  • Valuation of volunteer, deferred and in-kind services.
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