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Sat 23

2019 ACTRA Awards in Toronto

February 23 @ 7:30 pm - February 24 @ 1:00 am

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Thank You Volunteers!

Monday, March 12th, 2018

Many hands make the ACTRA Awards in Toronto possible. To each and every one of you, Thank you! – Maria del Mar, Awards Chair

The Juries
Jury Coordinator, Outstanding Performance — Female and Male: Gina Clayton
Jury Coordinator and Facilitator, Outstanding Performance — Voice: Janice Hawke
Jury Facilitator Outstanding Performance — Male: Gina Clayton
Jury Facilitator Outstanding Performance — Female: Maria Del Mar
The Jurors
Ray Ablack, Dalmar Abuzeid, Rhea Akler, Shanice Banton, James Barrett, Brenda Bazinet, Shauna Black, Richard Chevolleau, Steve Cumyn, Stacey Depass, Robinne Fanfair, Andrew Jackson, Linda Kash, Joey Klein, Ron Lea, Julie Lemieux, Barbara Mamabolo, Tom McCamus, Araya Mengesha, Tina Moreau, Paulino Nunes, Damon Papadopoulos, Tommie-Amber Pirie, Tamara Podemski, Kim Roberts, Carolyn Scott, Paul Soles, Nicole Stamp, Michael Therriault, Mouna Traoré
Animation Chase – Grace Blair
The Awards Committee – Jocelyne Zucco, Toni Ellwand, David Gale, Maria del Mar, Ayla Kukic-Roman, Joanna Swan, Theresa Tova
Boutonniere and Corsage Pinners – Lauren Beatty, Karyn Avalon
Graphics – Erick Querci/Creative Process Design; Freeman
The Awards Show:
Apprentice ASMs – Adriana Dimitre, Damien Howard
ASL Interpreters – Tara Everett, Nancie Anderson
Assistants – Freda Merritt-Gambrill, Michelle Nagel
DJ – DJ Raz
Event Planner – Gail Newman
First Floor Volunteers – Cecilia Paris, Clare Johnston, Emma Kitchen
Front of House Manager – Emily Nixon
General Registration Desk – Wendy Rostern, Holly Gray, Amelia Cockerham, Nancy Dickinson, Alison Trenton, Laura Trenton, Yianna Zhang, Kate Darnell, Vicky Simon, Mark Trenton, Don MacPherson, Meryl Romo
Graphics – Erick Querci/Creative Process Design; Freeman
Green Room Manager – Joanna Swan
Industry liaison – Sue Milling
Government liaison – Luca De Franco
Live Tweeter – Jyoti Minhas
Lobby Greeters – Richard Young, Lisa Michelle Cornelius, Jean Yoon, Joy Tanner, Clara Pasieka
Makeup Artist – Geralyn Wraith
Nominee Registration Desk – Freda Merritt-Gambrill, Grace Blair, Shelby Payne, Jessica Paes
Photogaphers – George Pimentel Photography, Tom Sandler
Post-Cocktail Crowd Wranglers – Konstantina Pirkas, Cameron Stannard, Alexander Henry, Weronika Sokalska, Zena Driver
Presenter Wranglers – Allan Cooke, Dan Fox
Publicist – Red Eye Media
Presenters – Julie Lemieux, Martha Chaves, Samantha Wan, Tantoo Cardinal, Lally Cadeau, Luba Goy, Tamara Podemski, Kinley Mochrie
Publicist – Red Eye Media
Red Carpet – Carol Taverner, Tony Walsh, Emma Kitchen
Rehearsal Runners – Andrew Ahmed, Kira Hall, Mac Hepburn, Nolan Molfetta, Ryan Singh
Social Media – Cass Enright
Sponsor liaison – Karen Ritson
Sponsor Registration Desk – Karen Ritson, Amanda Harkness, Erika Harkness, Sharon Harkness
Staff lead – Karen Woolridge
Territorial Acknowledgment and Equality Statement – Jani Lauzon
Trophy Carriers – Joan Gregson, Robin Craig
Ushers – Kayla Dumont, Lional Boodlal, David Feehan, Dorrett White, Lise Cormier, Sherry McKeown, Clare Johnston, Emma Kitchen, Amanda Harkness, Erika Harkness
Video Editing – Deluxe; Kevan Kase
Volunteer Coordinator – Ayla Lukic-Roman
Winner Escorts – Konstantina Pirkas, Cameron Stannard, Alexander Henry

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