Queer Your Stories Film Competition Banner

outACTRAto and the Inside Out LGBT Film Festival in Toronto proudly present the 2nd Annual Queer Your Stories: Short Film Competition. 

And the winner is…

The winner of this year’s Queer Your Stories: Short Film Competition is Lovina Yavari and Onna Chan’s Red String of Fate.

Written by Chan, Red String of Fate will be co-directed by Yavari and Lance Fernandes.

Set during a civil war between androids and humans in the year 2090, Red String of Fate tracks a robotics engineer who tries to bring her fallen lover back to life.

“As a queer female director and actor in a very male dominant industry, having representation will always be important. It inspires, normalizes, and removes the idea of having to look or be something other than yourself to achieve what you want in life. I strive to create content that continues to represent more queer characters, be inclusive and tells stories that anyone can resonate with. I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity this year to do just that.”

Lovina Yavari

Inside Out’s annual Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival is expected to run in May 2021 and is currently scheduled to take place online and with special drive-in premieres in Toronto.

Red String of Fate will receive a world premiere at the 31st edition of the Inside Out LGBT Film Festival. The Queer Your Stories Short Film Competition prize also includes an industry pass for the festival as well as $4,000 in production funding from sponsor AFBS, in-kind equipment rentals from Grandé Camera and in-kind post-production services from Urban Post.