In May 2019, ACTRA Toronto and the Casting Directors Society of Canada conducted a survey of audition facilities in Toronto. The objective of the survey was to review compliance with collective agreements and identify barriers to accessibility. In addition to the on-line survey responses, ACTRA Toronto President Theresa Tova, ACTRA National President David Sparrow and ACTRA Toronto member George Alevizos visited 14 locations.

ACTRA Toronto and the Casting Directors Society of Canada are grateful to the Casting Directors, facility staff, Theresa, David and George for their time and participation in this audit.

The good news is that many facilities have taken steps to address and remove barriers to people living with disabilities as well as ensuring respectful and harassment free audition spaces. Where there is room for improvement, the on-site visits have been helpful in sharing recommendations.

The AUDITION FACILITY Accessibility Audit 2019 report includes the survey responses, some recommendations as well as resources and relevant collective agreement provisions for reference.