As a union of artists and story tellers, we believe storytelling is at its most powerful when it includes and connects people. We will continue to support, promote and celebrate the work of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) creators. We will continue to advocate, to listen and fight for justice equality, inclusion, and lasting change in our society.

Excerpted from ACTRA Toronto Statement on Racism and Discrimination

From Words to Actions

 The ACTRA Toronto Council and Diversity and Inclusion Committee are working together to develop an Anti-Black Racism work plan. We are committed to working within our union and across the industry to bring about real and lasting change.

Actions currently underway in 2020:

  • Educate our Union
    • We will develop a course on anti-racism.
    • We will ensure the course is taken by our union leadership, made available to existing members, and added as required training for new ACTRA members.
    • We will continue to encourage members to take the Respect on Set and review the course from an anti-oppression lens.
  • Improve resources and supports
    • We will create a webpage dedicated to anti-Black racism which includes information on ACTRA’s initiatives and support service for BIPOC members
    • We will review existing ACTRA resources and identify gaps where we can improve supports for BIPOC members.
  • Create and develop work opportunities
    • We will work with Ontario Creates to promote our diverse membership. Diversity is our Strength.
    • We will encourage diverse performers to update and upload their profile to
    • We will build on the work of Working the Scene in Colour by connecting Writers Guild of Canada (WGC) writers and BIPOC performers.
    • We will support initiatives of Diversity and Inclusion Committee which include:
      • Assisting BIPOC members to produce demo reels
      • Working with the Voice Committee to develop skills and access to voice over work for BIPOC performers.
  • Support and celebrate BIPOC creators and content
    • We will continue to highlight industry professionals and production companies who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity and inclusion through the Sandi Ross Awards and ACTRA Spotlight.
    • We will continue to develop and grow partnerships with community and cultural film festivals including ReelWorld, imagineNATIVE, ReelAsian and the Regent Park Film Festival.
  • Advocate for a more fair and just industry and society
    • We will advocate with industry and government partners to increase work opportunities and representation of BIPOC performers
    • We will support industry initiatives which support BIPOC creators to bring their stories to our screens.
    • We will encourage and facilitate members on direct action, such as education, letter writing and donations.

How can I help as an ACTRA Member?

  • Actions you can take for Racial Justice – A Working Document is a list of resources and actions put together by Toronto member Alice Snaden.
  • Follow us on social media to get the latest updates. Show your support by participating in our events and amplifying our message — like, comment and share our posts.

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Our Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

(exerpted from ACTRA Toronto Operating Plan 2020-21)
Diversity is our strength. Inclusion is our goal. As the Ontario ACTRA census found, more than 50% of new ACTRA members are physically or culturally diverse. Work with industry partners to promote and celebrate diverse stories and talent is making a difference.

In 2020, ACTRA Toronto will:

  • Support the work of the Council, Advocates and Committees to promote diversity and inclusivity in the union and in the industry through:
    • Nell Shipman Awards
    • Ongoing support of CUES: Canadian Unions for Equality on Screen
    • Sandi Ross Awards
    • Support of BIPOC TV & FILM: Black Indigenous People of Colour activities and workshops
    • Spotlight on diversity and areas that are underrepresented in the membership and on our screens through on-line performer database
    • Continued outreach and partnerships with cultural and community film festivals
    • Participation in the Pride Parade and activities
    • Joint committee work to help in achieving the goal of inclusion
    • Challenging ageism by promoting work and work opportunities for “seasoned” performers
    • Co-ordination of activities and communication methods