ACTRA is a union of professional performers standing together to negotiate fair pay, decent working conditions and respectful treatment in the workplace. We welcome new members and look forward to working with you as you develop your career as a performer.

We represent all kinds of performers working in recorded media including principal performers, actors, background performers, singers, dancers, puppeteers, voice performers, hosts, narrators, stunt performers, models and more.

ACTRA membership is open to Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents.

There are several ways to join ACTRA:

  1. New acting graduates can apply to become an Apprentice member within 60 days of receiving a degree or diploma in acting from an eligible post-secondary institution.
  2. Land a qualifying role in a production under ACTRA’s jurisdiction and apply to become an Apprentice member.
  3. Become an ACTRA Additional Background Performer. Upon meeting the requirements, apply to become an Apprentice member.
  4. Join under the terms of  a Reciprocal Agreement with one of our sister unions such as Canadian Actors’ Equity Association

Apprentice members require Permits in order to work under ACTRA’s jurisdiction.

Becoming a Full Member

An Apprentice member needs two more qualifying credits (a total of three) to become a Full member. There is no time limit between joining the Apprentice Program and becoming a Full member so long as you maintain your Apprentice membership and pay your annual fees.

When you purchase your third work permit, advise the Membership department that you want to become a Full member, complete and submit an Application for Full Membership form and pay your initiation fee: $1600 minus the permit fees you paid for all qualifying credits you have earned as an Apprentice in good standing, plus basic annual membership dues of $195.

Benefits of Full Membership

ACTRA’s Full members in good standing:

  • do not require Permits to work under ACTRA’s jurisdiction;
  • gain the many rights and protections negotiated through ACTRA agreements, including minimum rates of pay;
  • enjoy preference of engagement over all other non-member performers;
  • can participate in ratification votes for the ACTRA agreements they work under
  • can vote in ACTRA Toronto elections;
  • can play a direct role in governing their union by holding elected positions at ACTRA Toronto;
  • receive health and insurance benefits through the Actra Fraternal Benefit Society;
  • participate in the free professional educational opportunities provided at ACTRA Toronto Member Conferences;
  • are eligible to submit fellow performers or be nominated for the ACTRA Awards in Toronto; and,
  • are eligible for consideration by other performers’ unions under ACTRA’s reciprocal agreements.

Read our Full Member Advantage at ACTRA factsheet (pdf) for more information.

Read our Inside ACTRA Toronto” factsheet (pdf) for more information.