ACTRA Toronto issues callback cheques to members within five business days from the date we receive the audition sign-in sheets from the casting director.

The callback audition fee was initially introduced to dissuade casting and production personnel from requiring unnecessary second and third auditions, and also to compensate performers for their expenses.

Help Us Pay You Sooner

In order to be paid for a second, third (or more) callback audition, you must write clearly on the sign-in sheet at the audition. We won’t be able to get you your callback fee if we can’t read your name. Please PRINT your name clearly on the sheet, DON’T use your signature. Make sure you indicate the audition number (second, third, etc.). Be sure to fill in the audition call time and time out.

Keep Good Records

Keep track of your auditions in a datebook or logbook. If you think you’re owed money for a callback, you’ll need the facts (date, time, product, audition number, and any other important information) to verify what you’re owed. ACTRA does not keep logs for performers who attend auditions.

Callback Audition Fee

Performers may be called back for a second and subsequent audition, in which case each performer shall receive $50.00 per diem per callback audition as reimbursement for their expenses incurred.

Situations Where Callback Fees Will NOT Be Issued

  • No callback fees are paid for first auditions.
  • No callback fees can be paid if your name is illegible on the audition sign-in sheet.
  • No callback fees can be paid if ACTRA doesn’t have your current mailing address.
  • No callback fees will be sent to agents.

In Case of Non-Payment

Please report non-payment to Susan Rodriguez in ACTRA Toronto’s Commercial Department at 416.642.6745 or e-mail Please provide the relevant information, including your membership number, date of the audition, and the product auditioned for.

Read our “Commercial Callback Cheques” factsheet for more information (pdf)