Rights of ACTRA’s Full members in good standing:

  • do not require permits to work under ACTRA’s jurisdiction;
  • gain the many rights and protections negotiated through ACTRA agreements, including minimum rates of pay;
  • enjoy preference of engagement over all other non‐member performers;
  • can participate in ratification votes for ACTRA agreements;
  • can vote in ACTRA Toronto elections;
  • can play a direct role in governing their union by holding elected positions at ACTRA Toronto;
  • receive health and insurance benefits through the ACTRA Fraternal Benefit Society;
  • participate in free professional educational opportunities provided by ACTRA Toronto;
  • are eligible to put forward fellow performers or be nominated for the ACTRA Awards in Toronto; and
  • are eligible for consideration by other performers’ unions under ACTRA’s reciprocal agreements.

Obligations of ACTRA Members

These rules are essential in maintaining our collective agreements and in protecting the rates and working conditions we have won through years of negotiations.

  • Do not work for engagers who are not signatories to the relevant ACTRA agreement.
  • Do not work without a signed contract.
  • Do not work for a fee less than the minimum set out in the relevant agreement.
  • Only work with ACTRA members in good standing or non‐members permitted by ACTRA.