ACTRA Toronto advocates for programs, regulations and policies that:

  • Celebrate our identity;
  • Encourage audiovisual production in all genres;
  • Build a stronger film, television, digital media and videogame industry; and
  • Expand work opportunities for Canadian performers.

Underlying our efforts is a strong belief that the policies and programs for which we advocate are in the broader public interest. A strong domestic production, distribution and exhibition system is absolutely vital to Canadian culture and our sovereignty as a nation.

The film, television and digital media industry plays a significant role in nurturing, developing and celebrating Canada and Ontario’s culture. A strong industry allows Canadians and Indigenous Peoples of Canada to tell their own stories, see themselves reflected on our screens and develop their own sense of identity.

ACTRA Toronto’s work is essential, not only to performers, but to our economy and our society. Arts and culture are big business in Ontario. For film and television facts, click here.


Watch Us!

Canada is home to award-winning television, movies and special effects that have captured global audiences and swept box offices worldwide.

MADE | NOUS celebrates the works of Canadian creators in film, television, videogames and digital entertainment, both here and around the world, by shining a spotlight on the achievements of Canadians who bring exceptional stories to life, and encourages audiences to discover and celebrate their work.

MADE | NOUS is the result of a collaborative effort between key entertainment industry players such as the Canada Media Fund (CMF) and Telefilm Canada as well as an additional 30—and growing—industry partners. For more information, visit

Status of the Artist

Status of the Artist (SAA) describes a category of legislation and other public policies directed at improving the economic and social status of professional artists. The concept has two components:

  1. The important role artists play in every human society should be acknowledged.
  2. Government legislation and programs (both federal and provincial) should encourage creative expression and ensure equitable treatment for artists by responding to the atypical manner in which they work.

Specifically, SAA legislation attempts to place artists on an equal footing with other professionals in the labour market and to earn a more equitable share of the profits on their work within the public art economy. As a result, SAA legislation has significant implications on labour law, contract law, copyright law, etc.

Learn more about Status of the Artist and its impact on performers working in Canada:

Our Partners

ACTRA Toronto is committed to working for dignity and respect for all workers. ACTRA is a member of the International Federation of Actors (FIA); is affiliated to the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC); and has a strategic alliance with the United Steelworkers (USW).

To find out Who’s Who of unions, associations and guilds in Ontario’s film, television and digital interactive/games sector, visit our Creative Partners page to learn more about their work in Toronto.