Our Leadership and Governance

ACTRA Toronto is an independent branch or local union of ACTRA, the Alliance of Cinema, Television and Radio Artists. It is governed by a COUNCIL of elected members of the union with the support of union staff, in accordance with the ACTRA Toronto By-Laws  and with the ACTRA National Constitution and ACTRA National By-Laws.


ACTRA Toronto Council is composed of twenty-four (24) members in good standing of ACTRA Toronto, elected every two years by all full members as described in Article 5, of the ACTRA Toronto By-Laws.

ACTRA Toronto’s governing council of twenty-four performers acts as a board of directors, making the policies by which ACTRA Toronto is run.

Officers of Council

The officers of ACTRA Toronto Council consist of: the President; the immediate Past President; the Treasurer; up to five other officers, who may be given such titles and functions as ACTRA Toronto Council may determine; and the Executive Director, who is an officer of ACTRA Toronto Council with voice but without vote. The officers of ACTRA Toronto Council are commonly referred to collectively as the ACTRA Toronto Executive.

Officers other than the President and the Executive Director are named by ACTRA Toronto Council for two-year terms at the first meeting of a newly-elected Council, once it is in office. (ACTRA Toronto Council’s delegates to ACTRA national council are also named for two-year terms at this meeting).

Naming of the ACTRA Toronto President

The ACTRA Toronto President is named by ACTRA Toronto Council every alternate year to the  election year. The president chairs the Council meetings and serves as the chief spokesperson for ACTRA Toronto.

How Council Works

It is the practice of ACTRA Toronto Council to meet monthly, except for one month in the summer. Council must meet once every three months. Quorum for regular business is 12 members or alternates present.

Many Councillors also serve the members through ACTRA Toronto committees which address issues of interest to members.

What’s Council Doing Right Now?

There are several ways to keep informed about what your Council is doing:

  • Watch your email inbox for communications from ACTRA Toronto with news and updates about what your union is doing.
  • Read ACTRA Toronto Council Meeting minutes online.
  • Council reports regularly to members in person through plenary sessions at Members’ Conferences
  • Town hall meetings are called at key points to seek member input.
  • You are invited to view ACTRA Toronto’s Operating Plan for details on ACTRA Toronto’s directions for the year.

Get Involved!

To reach any Council member, or to speak with an ACTRA Toronto staff member, dial our main switchboard at (416) 928-2278 or call us toll-free at 1-877-913-2278.

Contact a member of a committee if you are an Apprentice member, Full member or ACTRA Additional Background Performer who would like to contribute to your profession by becoming more directly involved in ACTRA’s activities and governance.

Your energy and enthusiasm are welcome!