Agreements with recognized film schools help ACTRA Toronto members to bring the benefit of their experience and training to the work of emerging filmmakers and give students the chance to work with a professional cast.

ACTRA Toronto currently requires all productions to include COVID-19 testing plans in their safety protocols.

As a Student Producer, you also have to ensure the safety of all Performers on set. Any set that has ACTRA Members must submit a COVID-19 safety protocol document with testing plans for review when they submit their Student Film registration form.

Please review the Student Producers Info Sheet and Additional Information Sheet. For more information and/or Student Film submissions please email:

Film programs with which ACTRA has student production agreements

Canadore College
Centennial CollegeFor 4th, 5th and 6th semester students in the School of Communications, Media and Design
Fanshawe CollegeFor Students in the Advanced Filmmaking Program
George Brown CollegeFor students in the Production Certificate Program, School of Media & Performing Arts
Humber CollegeFor 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate or graduate students in the Film and Television Program
Niagara College of Applied Arts and TechnologyFor 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate or graduate students in the Broadcasting-Radio, TV, Film Program School of Media & Design Environment, Media and Technology Division
Ontario College of Art & DesignFor 3rd and 4th year undergraduate and/or graduate students
Toronto Metropolitan UniversityFor 2nd, 3rd and 4th year undergraduate, (including Advanced Placement RTA Students) or graduate students of the School of Image Arts, School of Radio and Television Arts
Seneca CollegeFor 2nd year undergraduate students in the School of Communications Arts
Sheridan CollegeFor 2nd, 3rd year and 4th year undergraduate or graduate students in the Media Arts and Advanced Television and Film Departments, including Communications, Culture, Information & Technology, Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance and Animation
Toronto Film SchoolFor 5th Term Students – after year one of the program
Weengushk Film Institute
York UniversityFor 2nd , 3rd or 4th year undergraduate or graduate students in the Department of Film & Video, Faculty of Fine Arts Toronto