(rev. 11.20.23)

Statement of Purpose

Social media discourse is public discourse and ACTRA members have the same rights and obligations online as they do offline. This policy describes ACTRA Toronto’s approach to the administration of social media assets and establishes standards and sanctions for online behaviour in accordance with ACTRA’s existing policies and procedures.


Social media provides unique opportunities to engage in interactive discussions, share information, and build communities. For performers, it is an important forum for self-expression, self-promotion, networking, accessing work and connecting with audiences.

In this policy, “social media” refers to any facility for online publication and commentary. This includes but is not limited to blogs, wikis, forums and social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, TikTok, Reddit and YouTube.

I. ACTRA Toronto Accounts

ACTRA Toronto maintains websites and social media accounts to communicate with members and the public, including producers, agents, casting directors and other industry partners and stakeholders.

“ACTRA” is a registered trademark. ACTRA has the exclusive use of the name and brand and may take action against unauthorized use of the trademark.

ACTRA Toronto websites and accounts are administered by the Communications Department. Members wishing to have content appear on an ACTRA Toronto website or account can send their request to communications@actratoronto.com.

Some committees have accounts, which are administered by committee members under the direction of the Communications Department.

Removal of inappropriate content

ACTRA Toronto websites and accounts are moderated in accordance with existing ACTRA policies, applicable agreements and laws, including, for example, the ACTRA National Constitution and By-Laws, the ACTRA Toronto By-Laws, Equality Statement and the ACTRA Toronto Discrimination & Harassment Policy.

Inappropriate posts will be removed or reported. Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to, content that is discriminatory, harassing, threatening, confidential or offensive. If a member refuses to remove the post from an ACTRA account, the member may be blocked, and ACTRA may contact the social media platform to have the content removed.

ACTRA Toronto will not discuss member complaints on social media. The content will be removed, and the member may be referred to the appropriate ACTRA Toronto department for resolution.

II. Member Accounts

Members are reminded of their rights and obligations under the law, as well as under the ACTRA Constitution and By-Laws, Equality Statement, collective agreements and contracts. Union officials, such as Council and committee members, may have additional responsibilities because of their position in the union and access to confidential information. Where appropriate, union officials should distinguish personal posts from posts as representatives of the union.

Confidential information

Disclosure of confidential information, including inadvertent disclosure, may lead to serious consequences for members. Confidential production information can include, for example, any information about the production (including photos from set or in wardrobe), character and script details; contact information for cast and crew; workplace disputes such as complaints, investigations, grievances and settlements. Confidential union information can include, for example, union communications, members’ personal information, organizing and bargaining strategies and tactics.

Intervention by the union

ACTRA Toronto may be required to intervene when members’ personal use of social media is in breach of their professional obligations at work or responsibilities as members of the union.

For example, the union may intervene if a member posts content about other members or staff that is discriminatory, harassing, threatening, confidential or offensive. The union may also intervene if the health and safety of a member appears to be at risk.

Further, in certain circumstances, ACTRA Toronto may report online behaviour to the police.

III. Violations and Consequences

Discipline Process

Complaints, investigations, appeals and disciplinary consequences of violations under this policy will be dealt with under the process established in NATIONAL BY-LAW NO. 7 – Member Conduct, Rights, Responsibilities and Discipline Process.

No Reprisals

Members will be protected from reprisal for reporting non-compliance with this policy.