10-100 or 10-1Over the walkie-talkie, indicates a bathroom break.
ActionCast starts their scene.
ADR: Additional Dialogue ReplacementThe process of Cast re-recording dialogue in a studio to replace or improve audio quality.
Apple BoxWooden boxes or crates of varying sizes with holes on each end used. Mainly used by to crew to prop up items, level camera dolly tracks or elevate a performer.
Back to Ones/First Marks/First PositionsEach person and camera goes back to where they started for the take.
Background ActionThe Background start their action.
BeatAn indication of timing (e.g., one Mississippi) or a moment.
Block Shooting (episode)Shooting more than one episode per block/day
Block Shooting (set-up)Using the same set-up for more than one scene before turning around and shooting the other side of the scenes.
BlockingActors and Director plan the scene, positions and camera set-up positions.
Checking the gateCalled by the A.D after the shot is completed.  The camera assistant will check the camera gate/casing for debris. If the gate is clear they can move on to the next step.
Checking the card/medium/driveChecking the playback to confirm the image was recorded.
Clear the eyelineKeep the actor’s eyeline/line-of-sight clear of anything distracting.
CoverageAll the shots/angles that will be shot in a scene. A master shot, two shots, inserts, etc.
Crew has the floorCast and director leave the set so the lighting, set, dressing and camera departments can work. Stand-Ins are used.
CrossingA warning or courtesy said by anyone who must cross in front of a camera during set up. It alerts the camera operator.
CutStop rolling (camera and/or sound).
DailiesYesterday’s footage. (Also known as rushes).
Day for NightShooting a night scene during daylight hours. Can be achieved many ways, different stock, filters or developing procedures. Or, if indoors, by covering all windows and doors.
Day PlayerAn actor who is in for one day only.
DollyApparatus (usually hydraulic) that moves with the camera on it.
Dolly trackThe rails/steel piping that the dolly moves smoothly on.
EyelineAnything within the sight of an actor. Where the actor will be looking during a scene.
E.C.U.Extreme closeup.
Final Touches/Last LookMakeup, Hair and Wardrobe departments touch-up the actors right before rolling camera.
First TeamThe Cast.
FlashingA warning or courtesy given when using a flashing camera on set.
Holding the RollBefore the slate. The set is locked, sound may be rolling but there is a short delay that does not require the set to be unlocked.
HoneywagonBig trucks containing washrooms, AD office, and small dressing rooms.
Hot SetSet that is not finished being used. Not to be touched.
Lock it up/Pictures upStop what you’re doing and be quiet, camera is about to roll.
M.O.S.Shot without recording sound.
Main UnitMain crew of the film set.
MarkingPutting tape down where actors stop in the scene.
MasterWide shot that shows the whole scene.
Moving onGoing on to the next shot/set-up.
On the moveA phrase used when changing set-ups or moving to a different location.
On your marksPositioning of Cast.
P.O.V.Point of view.
Pick-upReshooting part of the scene, not starting at the beginning.
RehearsalPlay out the scene without rolling cameras.
Rolling/roll soundStart of the process that leads to recording the scene.
Room ToneThe ambient noise of the set, lights, fans, rain, traffic, etc.
Safety (Shot)After you’ve recorded an ideal take, recording an additional take for safety in case the ideal take is later discovered to be unusable.
Second TeamStand-Ins
SidesA portion of a script you will be shooting that day, along with the call sheet.
SpeedSound departments call this out when they are recording
SteadicamBody rig used to stabilize the camera while it is in a virtual hand-held position.
Turning around /reverseShooting the reverse angle.
Two ShotA medium close-up of two subjects.
Video VillageTent/area where the monitors are set up for the directors, producers, script supervisors.
Watch your backWarning spoken when coming through or around set with an object that could potentially hit someone.