Are you producing a film, TV show or online production? Animation, Public Service Announcement, Documentary, Industrial or demo pilot? You’re in the right place. We encourage you to call and/or email us with your questions, especially when you’re in the planning stages. Call early, it will help you with budgeting and casting. We’ll point you to the section of the Independent Production Agreement (pdf) that works for your project.

Downloadable forms provided via this site are in static or fillable pdf format and require Adobe Reader.
Contact us if you require an alternate format.

Become an IPA Producer in 2 steps:


Just a little bit of paperwork

To start producing under the Independent Production Agreement, you must first agree to its terms and provide some information about your production. Here are the forms you’ll need: 

  1. Voluntary Recognition Agreement (What’s this? It’s the document where you agree to the basic terms of the IPA)
  2. Security Agreement (What’s this? It’s a document, required before you start production, that protects the payment due to performers.)
  3. Production Form


Send us the completed documents

Email the documents to

An IPA Business Representative will contact you to assist you further with your production

Need assistance in completing these forms?

Please review the how-to documents below:

General Signatories

The IPA covers all forms of recorded performance whether they are broadcast, exhibited, transmitted live, posted online or distributed or broadcast in any other way. TV series, mini-series, Movies of the Week, feature films, shorts, animation, reality programs, webisodes, mobisodes, dubbing – the IPA has it all. Basically, if it isn’t a commercial it’s IPA. (Exceptions include productions made by CBC, CTV, TVO, NFB, VisionTV, CFC, and CityTV.) If you’re making a Documentary jump to Documentary. If you’re making an Industrial click on Industrial in the accordion below.

  1. Complete IPA 2022-2024 Agreement
  2. ACTRA IPA 2022-2024 Rate Sheet
  3. IPA 2022-2024_Memorandum of Agreement by Article number
Signatory Document Package
Documentary Signatories

Documentary Signatories
The IPA defines a Documentary Program as “an information Production that is designed not to be purely entertainment and which may include drama or variety techniques in achieving its information goal.” If you have a Documentary project, let’s talk. In the meantime, here are the documents and forms you’ll need:

  1.  Voluntary Recognition Agreement (Sign and forward.)
  2.  Pre-Production Form for Documentaries
  3. Security Agreement
Industrial Signatories

Industrial Signatories
An IPA Industrial is “a Production that is not less than three (3) minutes in length and which is produced to promote directly or indirectly the image of an organization, to promote the use of its products or services, or to offer training in the use of its products or services, or to provide education or instruction, but is not intended for broadcast on television.” Make your corporate videos professional by using professional actors! Here are the documents and forms you’ll need:

  1. Voluntary Recognition Agreement (Sign and forward.)
  2. Pre-Production Information for Industrials
  3. Security Agreement
Other Documents and Forms

Proof of Residency Documentation for Performers

Joint Bulletin on Consent Based Interactions


Working with Minors
See section A27 of the Independent Production Agreement for more information.

Work Permit Applications, Work Reports & Vouchers

Distribution & Rights
These documents are all about Use Fees.


Need to find a Stunt Coordinator?
ACTRA Toronto maintains a list of Stunt Co-ordinators who:

  1. have been members of ACTRA or a comparable film and television union (for example SAG, AFTRA, UK Equity) for at least ten years;
  2. have worked at least 425 days as a stunt performer under an ACTRA or comparable union contract; and
  3. are at least 28 years of age.

To request a copy of the list, please send an email to:

Safety Standards

Workplace Accident/Injury Insurance Requirements
All Productions require Accident/Injury Insurance for all Performers. You can get this from any insurance provider. Here’s one: Accident on Set.