ACTRA National Stunt Committee

Recommended Code of Conduct — Stunt Coordinators

ACTRA Stunt Coordinators are frontline ambassadors, champions and promoters of the ACTRA Stunt Community. Stunt Coordinators uphold the highest levels of safety consistent with international stunt industry standards; provide world class professional services; and encourage diversity, creativity, and the professional development of performers.

Stunt Coordinators recommend that Preference of Engagement be followed to provide Production with the most suitable ACTRA Stunt Performers, considering:

  • Expertise;
  • Experience; and,
  • Diversity – to ensure equal opportunity to women and performers who are culturally and physically diverse.

Priority shall be given to Stunt Performers from the local area in which the Production is being produced. If local ACTRA members are not available, then Preference shall be given to suitable candidates from other ACTRA Stunt Communities, provided Performers are afforded travel, accommodation, and per diems in accordance with ACTRA’s collective agreements. No Performer shall be expected to travel to a Production location at her/his own expense.

Thorough consideration of overall talent, diversity, and availability of current ACTRA Stunt Community members will be given prior to recommending the engagement of non-ACTRA members. Non-member Performers must obtain the necessary work permits from ACTRA prior to accepting work or providing services. Execution of stunt performances will be carried out by professional Stunt Performers.

Stunt Co-ordinators defend and support all the contractual rights of ACTRA Performers to receive fair compensation for their work, including audition and cancelled days. Performance expectations and Stunt Adjustments shall be determined and communicated to the Performer prior to work. All Performers must have a fully-executed ACTRA contract prior to performance, including specifying Daily and Use Fees, if applicable. Payments should be made directly to Performers in accordance with the applicable ACTRA Agreements.

Stunt Co-ordinators will help to uphold ACTRA’s Policies on preventing harassment, violence and discrimination. Stunt Co-ordinators will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment, intimidation, or threats on set, or in the contracting of work.

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