ACTRA Toronto Council is composed of twenty-four (24) members in good standing of ACTRA Toronto, elected every two years by all full members as described in Article 5, of the ACTRA Toronto By-Laws.

ACTRA Toronto’s governing council of twenty-four performers acts as a board of directors, making the policies by which ACTRA Toronto is run.

The Executive Officers of ACTRA Toronto Council (usually referred to as “the Executive”) consist of the President, the immediate Past President, the Treasurer and up to five other Vice-Presidents. (The Executive Director, Alistair Hepburn is also an officer of ACTRA Toronto Council with voice but without vote.)

Executive Officers other than the President and the Executive Director are named by ACTRA Toronto Council for two-year terms at the second meeting of a newly-elected Council, once it is in office.

The President is named by ACTRA Toronto Council every alternate year to the election year

ACTRA Toronto Council 2022 – 2024

(Executive Officers are indicated by an orange border and blue title text)

Dalmar Abuzeid

Fuad Ahmed

George Alevizos

Heather Allin

Thom Allison

Sandra Beckles

Martha Chaves

Lisa Michelle Cornelius (VP)

Nicola Correia-Damude

Wendy Crewson

David Gale


Thalia Gonzalez Kane

Linda Kash

Debra McGrath


Tony Nappo

Janet-Rose Nguyen

Anand Rajaram

Gugun Deep Singh (Treasurer)

Samora Smallwood

Joy Tanner


Theresa Tova

(Past President)

Alicia Turner

Louisa Zhu


Jocelyne Zucco