ACTRA Toronto Council is composed of twenty-four (24) members in good standing of ACTRA Toronto, elected every two years by all full members as described in Article 5, of the ACTRA Toronto By-Laws.

ACTRA Toronto’s governing council of twenty-four performers acts as a board of directors, making the policies by which ACTRA Toronto is run.

Council Executive

David Gale

Angelica Alejandro
Vice President

Rebecca Applebaum
Vice President

Angela Asher
Vice President

Theresa Tova
Past President

Richard Young

Jocelyne Zucco
Vice President

General Members

Dalmar Abuzeid

Shereen Airth 

Heather Allin

Lisa Michelle Cornelius 

Wendy Crewson

Paul De La Rosa

Maria Del Mar

Aidan Devine

Shawn Doyle

Kevin Hanchard

Art Hindle

Debra McGrath

Jack Newman

Leah Pinsent

Samora Smallwood

David Sparrow

Joy Tanner