Studying Acting in Ontario?

ACTRA members voted overwhelmingly to open the door for young performers and people new to the profession.

New graduates can apply to join ACTRA as an Apprentice member within one (1) year of completing a course of studies from eligible schools and post-secondary schools and institutions that amounts to 1,000 hours and has given the performer the skills necessary to work as a professional performer. As a union member, you can look for professional representation from talent agencies as well as audition for productions shot under ACTRA contracts and collective agreements.

To join, apply through ACTRA Toronto’s Membership Department within one (1) year of completing your course of studies and pay a fee of $75. An official transcript and a copy of your diploma is required.

This “fast-track” to membership is currently available to graduates of the following Ontario acting and drama programs:

If you have completed a course of studies from a Canadian school or post-secondary school or institution not listed above, please contact us. Schools and institutions outside of Canada will not be considered. Qualifications earned outside of the one-year timeframe will not be considered for the New Graduate credit.