A Different Lens: Demo Reel Creation to Empower the Diverse Performer

The ACTRA Toronto Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Access Reelworld proudly partnered with Access Reelworld to present the screening of demo reels from A Different Lens – Demo Reel Creation to Empower the Diverse Performer. The exclusive screening and panel discussion was held on Friday June 18th at 7pm EST, moderated by Reelworld’s Kafi Pierre with the performers Dianne Aguilar, Alejandro Ampudia, Alex Cameron, Michael Chan, Joyce Chan-Baretta, Joyce Cyr, Ijeoma Emesowum, Krystle Ferdinand, Taylor Love, Meilie Ng, Yasmijn Nicolle, Connie Wang andOshini Wanigasekera.

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Check out our sizzle reel…

Many thanks to the sponsors who made the production of these demo reels possible: AFBS, In the Shadows Props, Precision Biomonitoring, Rolling Pictures and William F Whites.

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Search Canadian Black, Indigenous, People of Colour Creatives, Crews, Production Staff and Executives on accessreelworld.ca.

About A Different Lens: Demo Reel Creation to Empower the Diverse Performer

We all know how difficult it is to build momentum in your acting career when you’ve got the training & the talent but the opportunities are limited by your lack of demo reel footage. A strong demo reel can open doors to better auditions, good reps, and serve as a calling card for your skills & brand as an actor.

That’s why the ACTRA Toronto Diversity & Inclusion Committee launched A Different Lens, a new demo reel creation initiative to equip diverse performers with a quality demo reel scene.

Our goal was to connect BIPOC ACTRA performers with emerging & professional BIPOC writers to create a dream scene. We endeavoured to provide selected participants with access to gear, studio time, & volunteer crew to bring their demo reel scenes to life! This was an opportunity for participants to to showcase their work and their abilities as the central character in a 2 minute scene designed to get them more work. No frills, no fancy distractions, just the performer, their craft, and the camera.

We have partnered with Access Reelworld to showcase selected finished scenes in a stand-alone digital event which will include a Q&A feedback session with industry professionals.

This project was a long time in the making and was a passion of ours! We’re performers first. We know how important a demo reel can be and we’re proud to have helped the Different Lens project participants to bring their demos to life.

Samora & Lisa Michelle,
Past Co-Chairs,
ACTRA Toronto Diversity & Inclusion Committee