ACTRA NATIONAL BY-LAWS – Obligations of a Member, Article 6

“A member shall at all times maintain a current photograph and resume, personal address, telephone number, e-mail address and HST/GST/TVQ number, where applicable, at their Branch/Local Union office. A member must advise the Branch/Local Union office of any change within thirty (30)days.

ACTRA and ACTRA Branch/Local Union offices send communications by electronic and other means. A member consents to receive such communications from ACTRA and its Branches/Local Union offices as a condition of ACTRA membership.”

You need a valid email address to receive

  • information about your ACTRA membership
  • dues invoices
  • voting credentials for ACTRA’s online elections
  • voting credentials for collective agreement ratification referenda
  • Members Conference and ACTRA Awards updates
  • bulletins about work opportunities

Don’t own a computer? No problem!

These days, you can setup and access your email on public computers in public libraries, cyber-cafes, and/or on a wide variety of smart phones and tablet devices.

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