Download the Low Budget Guideline Checklist in PDF Format

NOTE: This checklist is offered as a handy way to track the necessary paperwork to be submitted to ACTRA Toronto and is provided for your convenience only.

Please provide the following documentation and information

*No production will be considered unless all documentation is complete.*

ACTRA signatory paperwork:

  1. Voluntary Recognition Agreement
  2. Production Form
  3. Security Agreement
  • Written assurance that all producers and directors are Canadian Permanent Residents and/or Citizens.
  • A Production Budget. Using the CAVCO/TELEFILM budget system (or other film budget software) list the line items relevant to your project. Include dollar values for donations, in-kind, deferred services, and volunteer time.
  • List of all directors, officers and shareholders of Producer and any others with an option to own or control shares.
  • The contact information of producers, directors, and writers on this production.
  • Commercial liability insurance for $2m coverage per Appendix A of the Guideline.
  • EITHER WSIB or workers comp equivalent insurance. You may obtain this insurance through WSIB, if you have no stunts, the  Accident on Set (AoS) plan. For more information, please visit (Please note, AFBS requires a minimum of TWO BUSINESS DAYS to process the Accident on Set paperwork.) Your own insurer may be able to offer a policy which is workers comp equivalent – we can advise you if it is acceptable. You will not be permitted to shoot without a valid workers comp insurance Certificate in place.
  • Copies of the shooting script and synopsis.
  • Production Schedule, Day out of Days, Shooting Schedule, Locations List.
  • A list, with script page numbers, disclosing all scenes of violence, nudity, semi-nudity, intimacy or sexual content.
  • A list of principal and actor roles available in your project and the approximate number of shooting days required for each role. Include the Total Number of Performer Workdays. Include copies of character breakdowns and state principal and actor category.
  • Number of days where Background Performers are required.
  • Description of role of background character and breakdown.
  • A list of all roles to be played by minors with a description detailing special provisions you will be taking.
  • All Minor forms (Appendix 14 of the IPA) to be completed as per the IPA prior to work date.
  • A list of all stunts with a description detailing special provisions being taken. Please be aware that the definition of an action that requires a stunt performer is not necessarily something spectacular. Any action where even a minor injury is a risk should be performed by a stunt double.
  • The name of a qualified ACTRA Stunt Coordinator name (required if stunts are to be performed).