About Ontario Green Screen

In 2019, Ontario Creates engaged a sustainability working group comprised of interested industry organizations, service providers, unions, guilds and individual stakeholders. The results of the consultations were clear. The industry was actively looking for tools and training resources for sustainable film production practices, pathways to lower carbon emissions, reduced waste and a means to incorporate sustainable on-set management across the film and television sector.

Ontario Green Screen is the collaborative initiative between government, industry partners, unions, guilds, trade associations and companies that endeavours to make lasting change in the industry and to empower individuals, production companies and studios to make sustainable choices.

Ontario Green Screen, Strategic Plan

We are proud to present the Ontario Green Screen Strategic Plan (OGS Strategic Plan). We are a group of 20 organizations from screen industries and government agencies, with a coherent green plan for sustainable film and television production in Ontario.

We created the OGS Strategic Plan in collaboration with the OGS Advisory Committee and industry subject matter experts. This plan lays out specific, measurable and timely goals for the initiative, based on four key pillars:

  • One – Develop an engaged, diverse and inclusive community that advances and enables sustainable production practices.
  • Two – Inform and educate Ontario’s film and television production workers and companies, production clients and government partners on sustainable best practices.
  • Three – Deliver resources, tools and initiatives to empower the industry to carry out sustainable implementation strategies and protocols that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions on sets across Ontario.
  • Four – Create a framework to effectively measure and report on environmental impacts and industry-wide progress.

Climate and Sustainable Production Training

The Ontario Green Screen initiative offers free Climate and Sustainable Production training for all film industry professionals in Ontario.

Climate & Sustainable Production education is an essential step towards environmental stewardship. The Ontario Green Screen initiative offers Climate and Sustainable Production training to all film workers in Ontario. Our program provides the context needed to better understand the climate emergency we face and how to make a difference on set.

Ontario Green Screen offers this course for free, delivered online to allow participation regardless where in the province you live. It is 3 hours in length, with a 10 minute break between the 2 sections. The content is delivered with plenty of opportunity to discuss, share ideas and collaborate with the instructors and other participants.

Training Dates:

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