Thank you to the ACTRA Toronto Stunt Community for your participation in the Stunt Committee Structure Survey and to the 23 candidates who answered the Call for Nominations and stepped up to run for the twelve (12) seats available on the ACTRA Toronto Stunt Committee.

Voting is now closed, the votes have been counted and the results are in.

Meet your 2023-2025 ACTRA Toronto Stunt Committee

Newly elected members of the Stunt Committee in alphabetical order by last name

Christine Cleary

Shelley Cook

Flint Eagle

Cam Fergus


Regan Moore


Robert Racki


Yvette McKoy


Jen Georgopolous

I have been an active, working member of the Toronto Stunt Community for the past eight years and a working rigger for the past three. Our community has an immense wealth of knowledge and experience resting in our stunt veterans that is at times underutilized. Additionally, we have a newer generation who possess ambition, ideas, and skill sets that have adapted to the changing landscape of contemporary film.

I believe very strongly that the more we combine these strengths, the more our community will grow and learn. You can find me on IMDB or reach me at

Although, I have been down this road many times over the years, there is still a determination in me to continue my commitment in mentoring and leading the new generations of stunt performers and coordinators.

Leaving a legacy to me means…leaving a talented, resourceful, safe, inclusive, industry for generations to come!

I accept this nomination and will work together with the elected committee members and ACTRA to continue improving the industry that we all love so much!

My name is Flint Eagle.

I'm a Stunt Performer and Stunt Coordinator, for over 30 years now. I am Indigenous, of the Mohawk Nation.

Overall, I've worked on over 400 productions worldwide and helped many Indigenous peoples get into the film industry, especially stunts. I've assisted and still assist many of my colleague Stunt Coordinators with Indigenous Performers if needed, and my goal is to improve our community in any possible way.

Since I am a veteran in this business, I would like to share my expertise on a broader scale.

I would like to thank the individuals in the community that took the time to nominate me for a seat on Stunt Committee.

If elected, I plan to build on the efforts of past committees, and to learn from prior experiences to create positive change for everyone.

I will work diligently to be an advocate for our entire community and push to develop a better more prosperous work environment for our future.

Dan Iaboni

Dillon Jagersky

Jamie Jones

Daniel Lavigne


Daniel Lavigne


Daniel Lavigne


Richard Parker


Alicia Turner

Hey fellow Stunt Performers!

My number one priority; Building a strong community where we can openly share ideas, create safer sets, and ultimately generate more opportunities to make you all money!

Toronto may not have the best reputation on a global scale, but we do have the opportunity to change that right now.

I'd love to represent you in this charge and push us strongly towards the future.

I am honored to be nominated for the committee and hope to inspire my colleagues with my passion for the task at hand.

If elected, I am committed to bringing my best ideas and solutions to the table with growth of the community as top priority.

I have gained meaningful experiences from being part of this community and would be happy to give back in any way. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you would have.

I want to express my gratitude for this nomination and the opportunity to work with a talented and committed group.

I have been a stunt performer, coordinator & 2nd unit director for almost 40 years. My experience and passion for this industry will be an asset in helping our community improve.

I’m knowledgeable in both on-camera and behind the lens aspects of stunt work as well as contracting and production/ACTRA negotiations. I will use my expertise to listen and serve the safety and fair pay for all stunt people! 

The momentum of our community coming together over these last months has been inspiring!  Let’s continue to stand together to make the changes we wish to see! 

My Stunt Reel:

Thank you very much for the nomination.

I sincerely appreciate the time that you all took to make the Toronto Stunt Community a stronger unit. I look forward to working as a team listening and implementing your thoughts, concerns and ideas.

I strongly feel that we have an abundant amount of talent in this city and with continued leadership there's no ceiling to what we can achieve together. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Geoff Scovell

John Stead

Alicia Turner

Kara Wooten


Anita Nittoly


Ruth Chiang


Daniel Lavigne


John Stead

I have been a member of ACTRA and the stunt community for over 20 years. It’s time to give back. I intend to focus on strengthening our community's position in the global stunt community while building on the work of those that have come before me, investing in and supporting the growth and development of new stunt performers, and helping to streamline our access to benefits through AFBS.

I am passionate about working toward a stronger community and improving the experience of each member. When we elevate our community, we elevate ourselves.

My name is John Stead and I’m hoping to represent you on the Stunt Committee for the next term.

I’ve been a stunt performer and stunt coordinator for the last 30 years, primarily in the Toronto area. I uphold the advances and achievements made on our behalf by our past committee members and will strive to further these advances should I be elected.

The work of the Stunt Committee is an important liaison between our stunt community and ACTRA, and I invite anyone in our community who wishes to speak with me to reach out and ask any questions you may have.

Thank you.

Hello stunt friends!

My name is Alicia and I am running to be a part of our shiny, new committee with it’s updated format. My goal is to make sure every little niche of our stunt community feels comfortable reaching out and participating.

My experience as a member of the ACTRA Toronto Council has permitted me to see problems that may affect our collective future, such as Artificial Intelligence and NCA’s potential impact on our future IPA negotiations.

Also, I hope to help curb our habit of in-fighting and use that energy to focus on real issues.


I’ve been a member of the ACTRA Toronto Stunt Community for over twenty years. My credits include rigging, safety, doubling, performing and coordinating, this together with a professional theatre resume as a fight and artistic director. Also, as a former athlete, I am a team player and will work to help all of us succeed.

Quite simply, we are all stronger together. I would be honored if you would allow me to voice your concerns and work on your behalf as a member of the Toronto Stunt Committee.



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