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Real dubbing? Real People! petition United Voice Artists (UVA) is asking anyone who values the authenticity and emotional connection brought by human voice actors over AI-generated voices to sign this petition. ACTRA Toronto is a proud member of the UVA.


Read ACTRA Toronto’s submission to the Government of Canada regarding its consultation on the impacts of recent developments in AI on the creative industries and the economic impacts that these technologies have, or could have, on Canadians. This consultation was conducted as part of the government’s work toward amending the Copyright Act.
ACTRA National conducted a survey to gain insight into the perspectives and experience Canadian performers have with the use of artificial intelligence. The survey results will be used to inform ACTRA’s bargaining and lobbying efforts. Click on the above graphic to view the topline results.

Consultation on Copyright in the Age of Generative Artificial Intelligence
The department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is conducting a consultation on the impacts of recent developments in AI on the creative industries and the economic impacts that these technologies have, or could have, on Canadians, and it will look at whether change is required to further improve or reinforce copyright policy for a modern, evolving Canadian economy. Consultation period closed January 15, 2024.

Assessing the Impact of Canada’s Proposed Bill C-27, Artificial Intelligence and Data Act
ACTRA National’s submitted recommendations to the the Standing Committee on Industry and Technology’s Artificial Intelligence and Data Act consultation to safeguard the fundamental needs of Canadian performers: respect, fair wages, and protection against abuse. (September 8, 2023)

Consultation on a Modern Copyright Framework for Online Intermediaries
ACTRA National’s submission to Canadian Heritage and Innovation, Science and Industry focuses on the extent to which copyright-protected works are integrated in AI applications and the consequences of the misuse of AI technology. (September 17, 2021)

The Three C’s

AI has woven itself into the fabric of our daily experiences, from personalized recommendations to advanced automation. However, this transformative technology also brings forth ethical considerations for performers that demand our attention. The need for ethical AI arises from the potential consequences of its use, ranging from biased algorithms to privacy infringements. By prioritizing concepts like Consent, Compensation, and Control, we can shape an AI-driven future that respects individual performer rights, promotes fairness of use, and aligns with the values of a diverse and interconnected global film industry.

Performers should have the right to consent to, and be credited for, the use of their NIL Rights* in new works in the training of AI models.

Performers should be compensated for all AI uses of their NIL Rights.*

Performers should be able to control the use of their NIL Rights.* And once a digital replica is made, any company dealing with this data must commit to safe storage and tracking of these files.

*NIL Rights: collective term encompassing personal voices, sound effects, actions, behaviour, images, likenesses and personalities.


UVA (United Voice Artists) is a worldwide group of voice acting guilds, associations, and unions whose mission is to protect and preserve the artistic heritage of professional voice-over artists. ACTRA Toronto is proud to be a founding member.
National Association of Voice Actors (NAVA) is a non-profit association created to advocate and promote the advancement of the voice acting industry. ACTRA Toronto is a proud supporter of NAVA and the #fAIrVoices campaign.
LOK VOX, in partnership with NAVA, is determined to make sure artists never lose their voice. Learn how you can unlock the tools to combat AI Generated Vocal Piracy.
Human Artistry Campaign outlines the principles of how we can responsibly use artificial intelligence – to support human creativity and accomplishment with respect to the inimitable value of human artistry and expression.


Newstalk Tonight with Jim Richards: Film Industry Vs AI (at 10:51). ACTRA Toronto Executive Director Alistair Hepburn talks about AI protections in Canada’s film and television industry.

CTV Your Morning: How the tech industry is dealing with deepfakes. Tech Expert Avery Swartz takes a closer look at the responsibility tech companies bear in non-consensual explicit images and AI.

CTV Your Morning: Threat of A.I. & non-consensual explicit images. Survivor and Activist Noelle Martin shares her own story and discusses what countries can learn from the laws that exist in her home country of Australia to address deepfakes and non-consensual explicit images.

The Diary of a CEO podcast: Host Steven Bartlett sits down with Egyptian entrepreneur and writer, Mo Gawdat, who speaks out about the dangers of AI.

Industry Updates

The DGC has struck an AI Working Group to help guide and structure the efforts of the Guild.
Game Workers Unite is an an international grassroots movement and organization dedicated to unionizing the game industry. Learn more about the Toronto chapter.
IATSE has launched a Commission to guide the union’s approach to Artificial Intelligence.

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