Attention Black-identifying ACTRA Toronto/Ottawa Full and Apprentice Members.

Self-Tape Creation with Diverse Performers in Ontario

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Deadline extended to November 11, 2020


Ontario is a diverse landscape of cultures and voices. But do you feel like you aren’t being seen or that your voice isn’t being represented on screen? Well, ACTRA Toronto & ACTRA Ottawa, in partnership with the Casting Directors Society of Canada and Ontario Creates, is here to help.

With the first round of SPOTLIGHT: DIVERSITY ON OUR SCREENS: Self-Tape Creation with the Diverse Performers in Ontario, we’re making sure that local and international casting directors know how wonderfully diverse and talented our actor pool is by curating a collection of self-tape performances. We’ll then promote this collection to casting directors hiring in the province. So submit your self-tape to be considered!

The selection of self-tapes will be chosen by a panel of Ontario casting directors (members of the Casting Directors Society of Canada). Selection will be based on quality of the self-tape and performance ability.


This round will focus specifically on our Black Identifying ACTRA Full or Apprentice members from ACTRA Toronto & ACTRA Ottawa in good standing who are established and emerging leads. Future rounds will focus on screen performers from other underrepresented groups.

We want to showcase our established and emerging talent for lead roles – performers who have demonstrated talent through acting classes, theatre/stage work, and professional screen credits but may or may not be well-known to casting directors and producers.

How to Apply:

  1. Ensure you have created/updated your profile on ACTRA’s FREE online searchable database of Diverse Professional Talent:
    1. You MUST have a profile on this database before submitting a self-tape.
    2. Those who submit a self-tape without a profile WILL NOT be considered.
  2. Once your profile is completed/updated,  create a self-tape of one of your best performances. Specifically:
    1. The self-tape must be between 1 minute and 3 minutes long.
    2. The self-tape must be a scene from a screen project (Ex. film, television, digital series, etc. NOT theatre).
    3. The self-tape must NOT be a monologue. As per COVID protocols, your reader can be virtual.
    4. Choose a scene that showcases the type of role you would love to do and you know you’re great at. Be bold and daring. However, you MUST ensure the side is from a program/movie that has already gone to air.
    5. The self-tape must be filmed in the style of modern film/tv self-tape auditions (the recording device is held HORIZONTALLY, we can hear and see you clearly).
    6. The self-tape must include a slate with your full name & ACTRA ID number, as well as a tail card with your name and agent contact information.
  3. If you have an agent, please submit your self-tape through Breakdown Express: ACTRA Toronto Black Performer Showcase. If you do not have an agent, please upload your self-tape to Vimeo as a password-protected link or as an unlisted YouTube video and copy & paste the link in the form below. DO NOT send downloadable video files via email, WeTransfer, Dropbox etc.
  4. Fill out the Application Form below.

Application Form