The ACTRA Toronto Stunt Committee are good ACTRA citizens, championing initiatives that benefit all ACTRA Members, including:

  • Encouraging transparency and open dialogue among all members and departments
  • Research and pro-active involvement to ensure the best possible member benefits;
    • AFBS’ Member plan (Actra Fraternal Benefit Society)
    • AoS (Accident on Set) coverage
    • Dignity & respect in retirement
  • Ensuring that the ACTRA Toronto Stunt Community is effectively represented at:
    • IPA (Independent Production Agreement) contract negotiations
    • NCA (National Commercial Agreement) contract negotiations
    • ACTRA Toronto Council
    • ACTRA National Council
    • AFBS program updates
    • ACTRA National Stunt Committee sessions
  • Developing industry appropriate options and resources to support and encourage;
    • Member health, safety, & well-being
    • Fiscal planning, responsibility and career expectations
  • Organizing community-building events and member interaction opportunities

Actra Fraternal Benefits Society (AFBS) & Accident on Set (AoS) Town Hall

Got questions about your Insurance and Retirement program benefits. Check out this AFBS & AoS Zoom Town Hall, recorded May 26, 2021.

ACTRA PRS and UBCP/ACTRA Use Fee Webinar for the Stunt Community – Summer 2021

How are use fees calculated? Why does the language around them seem so complicated?

If you’ve ever asked these questions, watch the webinar below to learn how your use fees are calculated, collected and distributed.

The ACTRA Toronto Stunt Committee encourages you as an ACTRA Toronto Stunt Community Member to make your voice heard.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to attend a meeting, please email the Committee at, any ACTRA Toronto Stunt Committee Member/Alternate directly, or Stunt Community Liaison/Advocate, Tania Cardwell @ 416-995-5227/

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