The 2023-2025 ACTRA Toronto Stunt Committee

Top Row – left to right: Christine Cleary, Shelley Cook, Cam Fergus, Victoria Goodman
Middle Row – left to right: Dan Iaboni, Dillon Jagersky, Jamie Jones, Daniel Lavigne
Bottom Row – left to right: Geoff Scovell, John Stead, Alicia Turner, Kara Wooten

ACTRA Toronto Stunt Committee Mandate:

Continue to grow a thriving and world class stunt community within ACTRA Toronto by promoting the highest standards of professionalism and a culture of safety, personal responsibility, and accountability.

To support and encourage the transfer of knowledge from veterans to new and young performers to ensure a strong and vibrant future.

ACTRA Toronto Stunt Committee Structure

The twelve (12) members of the ACTRA Toronto Stunt Committee are elected by the ACTRA Toronto Stunt Community.

To ensure diverse and equitable stunt community representation, the Stunt Committee:

  • must include at least 2 Stunt Riggers
  • must include at least 2 Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) Stunt Performers
  • must include at least 3 Stunt Women / female-identifying Stunt Performers/Coordinators

The Stunt Committee should be as diverse as possible (stunt groups, ethnicity, coordinators/performers, etc.)

The Committee works with an Executive Council representative and an ACTRA Toronto staff representative, who help facilitate the goals of the Committee and act as the liaisons with the ACTRA Toronto Council and other union staff.

What the ACTRA Toronto Stunt Committee Does:

  • communicates with the community about issues that affect the stunt-related aspects of the industry
  • acta as a liaison with the ACTRA Toronto Stunt Community to field questions and offer guidance and direction, with the assistance of staff
  • provides insight and information to ACTRA Toronto staff regarding stunt-related issues, like upgrades and work permit requests
  • represents the voice and concerns of the Stunt Community in dealings with the union and other industry partners
  • communicates on issues related to safety and bargaining
  • creates opportunities for education within the Stunt Community
  • meets at least once per month with the Executive liaison and staff

Learn more about the role of ACTRA Toronto Committees here.

Goals of the ACTRA Toronto Stunt Committee:

  • To promote the highest standards of expertise and skill.
  • To promote a culture of safety, personal responsibility, community responsibility and accountability.
  • To support and encourage the transfer of knowledge from experienced Stunt Performers to new Stunt Performers.
  • To showcase the skill and experience of the ACTRA Toronto community and support job opportunities for all Canadian performers.
  • To value the input of any and all stunt community members regardless of affiliations.
  • Read more in the Member Handbook here.


A Guideline

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ACTRA PRS and UBCP/ACTRA Use Fee Webinar for the Stunt Community – Summer 2021

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The ACTRA Toronto Stunt Committee encourages you as an ACTRA Toronto Stunt Community Member to make your voice heard.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to attend a meeting, please email the Committee at, any ACTRA Toronto Stunt Committee Member/Alternate directly, or Stunt Community Liaison/Advocate, Tania Cardwell @ 416-995-5227/

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