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The Voice Committee strives to expand professional opportunities for ACTRA Toronto’s world-class voice performers. As industry business models are constantly evolving in reaction to new production technology and distribution models, it has never been more important to communicate the ACTRA Advantage to new and experienced engagers.


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Krystal Meadows

A weekly voice-over job I had for four years went non-union due to “budget cuts” and this really lit a fire in my belly for change…that and a nudge from a friend in the industry who suggested I had experience and skills that would be of value on the voice committee.

I am keen to learn and collaborate with my fellow actors and work towards securing more union work for us all. Voice-over is my passion and livelihood. I am so grateful to the voice-actors who have blazed the trail to bring us to where we are today in the industry, IPA and NCA agreements. I’m excited to be a part of the next wave of advocacy.

Kwaku Adu-Poku

By creating new initiatives and offering voice workshops and information sessions, our members get the tools they need to stay competitive and meet the demands of the ever-changing digital world.

If you haven’t been to a voice meeting, come on out and make your voice heard!


Report on Vocal Stress in Video Game Voiceover Survey: The survey is the first quantified survey regarding vocal health in the industry. The key findings examine how voice work in video games can be taxing on performers’ voices and potentially impact their vocal health.
Audiobook Initiative: ACTRA Toronto’s Voice Committee identified a need to develop Canada’s audiobook market following attendance at an audiobook workshop in California where it was revealed the majority of audiobook work was U.S.-based. Learn more about our progress in this important and fast-developing market.
Artist2Artist and ACTRA Toronto present the Voiceover Showcase, designed to help facilitate a gateway into the Toronto animation voiceover industry and provide constructive feedback that raises the collective calibre of our membership. Ten of the busiest voiceover casting directors in the industry are donating their time to give one-on-one meetings with the top 90 performers in the showcase!


Voice.ACTRAonline.ca is ACTRA’s online searchable database of Professional Voice Performers. ACTRA Toronto Voice Performers can create a profile and upload resumes, demos and other information.
The Voice Committee is working hard to make this database the preferred casting tool for engagers. Do you part by creating a profile and ensure it is up-to-date.
Vocal Health for Extreme Voice Performance: a best practices guide that provides advice for performers, producers, agents, and casting directors who are involved in voice over projects that include vocal extremes that lead to vocal stress.
Source Connect Primer & FAQ: Working from home? ACTRA Toronto Voice Committee member Paul Popovich created this handy Source Connect Primer & FAQ to help you set up and use the industry standard Source Connect software.


ACTRA/NAVA AI Webinar (August 16, 2023): Learn more about the opportunities and ethical dilemmas surrounding the creation, training, and storage of Al and Synthetic Voice models and systems. Protection of the data needed to create this technology has become more important than ever. This is especially true for the companies which deal directly with sound files containing recordings of the human voice. See the ACTRA/NAVA AI Webinar Slide Deck in PDF format.
Public Lending Right Program for Audiobook Performers (March 16, 2022): This ACTRA Toronto webinar session features special guest Peter Schneider, Manager, Public Lending Right Program/Executive Secretary, Public Lending Right Commission, in discussion with ACTRA Toronto member Braden Right. Peter explains how the Public Lending Right program works, and how audiobook performers are eligible for payments.
Canadian Audiobook Publishers Panel (June 15, 2021): Ann Jansen (Penguin Random House Canada), David Caron (ECW Press) and Matt Williams (House of Anansi Press) discuss the tremendous growth of the industry in Canada and why they choose to work with professional, unionized performers to narrate audiobooks. The discussion is moderated by ACTRA member Braden Wright, head of the ACTRA Toronto Voice Committee Audiobook Subcommittee.
All About Animation – ACTRA Voice Performer Panel (September 29, 2020): Hear ACTRA Toronto members Deven Mack, Ana Sani, Stephany Seki and Nicole Stamp speak with Voice Committee Chair Cory Doran about their experience in the industry and why they love this engaging and challenging work.
The Canadian Audiobook Industry & Narration Work for ACTRA Members (June 23, 2020): ACTRA Toronto members Grace Lynn Kung, Miles Meili and Ana Sani joined host Braden Wright to discuss what attracts them to audiobook work, the challenges in this type of specialized performance and the joy of audiobook narration. Attendees also heard about member experiences becoming self-signatory to the Audio Code.
PRH Ahab Webinar for ACTRA Toronto – Reference Transcript (April 28, 2020): Ahab – Penguin Random House Audio hosted this webinar to talk about Ahab – its online performer database for audiobook narrators. The publisher hosted this webinar specifically for ACTRA Toronto audiobook narrators and talent agents thanks to outreach work done by the Audiobook Subcommittee of the ACTRA Toronto Voice Committee.
Working in Audiobooks (April 23, 2020): In this “perfect session for experienced voice performers who are looking to break into audiobook narration,” ACTRA Toronto Member and seasoned audiobook narrator Braden Wright talks about the difference between audiobook narration and other types of voice work, shares a list of 10 useful resources, discusses research and preparation for the role and gives tips on self-directing when working in a home studio.
How to Set up a Home Studio (April 15, 2020): ACTRA Toronto Member Tony Daniels walks you through the basics of creating a recording studio in your own home. From the different type of microphones available to the software needed to record and connect, Tony explains what is required to set up your home studio. See the How to Set Up a Home Studio Slides.

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