TAWC is committed to advancing gender equity through the creation of programs, partnerships and initiatives that foster, support and recognize women of all diversities in key creative and leadership roles in the Canadian recorded media industry.

All ACTRA members are welcome to attend and share at our meetings and join subcommittees. No need to RSVP – just come! Current meeting dates can be found on the TAWC ACTRA Toronto Womens Committee Facebook Page.

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Note: Where the word female or woman is used throughout TAWC communications, this includes cisgender women, transgender women, women-identified, gender non-conforming women and others who identify themselves within the spectrum of the gender identity of a woman that may be fixed or fluid.

Our Work

TAWC Toolkit Filmmaker Series

The Toolkit Filmmaker Series is an initiative to “Get Women Working” both in front of and behind the camera. Our aim is to encourage, inspire and support the involvement and advancement of women of all diversities within our industry.

TAWC Short Film Creation Lab

The Short Film Creation Lab is open to ACTRA Toronto members who identify as women and are either emerging as artists or looking to add to their skill sets. A selected writer-director-producer team will be mentored by experienced and respected industry professionals who will help them create a short film.

In association with Women On Screen, William F. White International Inc. and Urban Post Production, the Toronto ACTRA Women’s Committee (TAWC) is offering their sixth annual Short Film Creation Lab (Submissions closed on December 1at 2019). The 2020 TAWC Short Film Creation Lab provides a team of 3 selected candidates with the experience of creating a short film under the mentorship of Canadian film and television industry professionals, with a $1200 budget subsidy provided by TAWC, and additional in-kind support from our industry partners. The theme for the 2020 Short Film Creation Lab is Metamorphosis.

The Content Development Sessions is a series of panels and workshops led by industry professionals. These sessions are geared toward ACTRA Toronto members who wish to learn how to produce, write, direct and shoot their own work.

Check out the regularly updated TAWC Facebook Page for more information.


TAWC (Toronto Actra Women’s Committee) is proud to introduce a series of ‘TAWC-kies’, or short interviews that celebrate inspiring females who have made and who are making an impact on our industry. Please visit our youtube channel to watch and share!

Suggestions for who to interview next? Want to help us produce these? Email us!

Nell Shipman Gala

The Nell Shipman Award, honours a female producer, writer or showrunner who has forwarded gender equity in the industry both in front of and behind the camera. This award is presented at TAWC’s yearly, invite only, Gala taking place in the Spring. Questions? Please email us!