The Young Emerging Actors Assembly (YEAA) is a committee of ACTRA Toronto performers who play between the ages of 17 and 30. YEAA unites young talent in Toronto’s screen-based entertainment industry. Together, we forge a powerful community for networking and sharing resources, and stand out as a fresh new voice promoting Toronto’s rising stars and a Canadian star system. To become a YEAA member, you should be a full ACTRA member or ACTRA apprentice member who plays between the ages of 17-30. You can send us an at to be added to our membership and mailing list!

Current Projects

Since 2011, members of ACTRA Toronto’s Young Emerging Actors Assembly (YEAA) have been creating short film anthologies called YEAA Shorts that premiered annually at the Toronto ReelWorld Festival.

Successful applicants receive some funding from ACTRA Toronto’s Young Emerging Actors Assembly to produce their films, in addition to receiving mentorship from industry professionals and support from the YEAA community.

With our brand stronger than ever, YEAA Shorts will continue its strong relationship with ReelWorld in 2020 and will join the festival in celebration of films that spark conversation and inspire social change.

YEAA members will be notified when submissions for the next round of film selection opens.



Kira Murphy is passionate about uplifting the careers of young artists in the entertainment industry in Canada. If you have any ideas for collaboration, please email them to YEAA.