The ACTRA Toronto Green Committee was launched in 2022 and seeks to engage the membership by providing resources on green initiatives and encouraging performers to focus on changes that will have a positive environmental impact. 

Committee Objectives:

  1. Promote sustainability efforts in the screen-based industries. 
  2. Provide educational materials & online events to the membership featuring information on how performers can make a positive impact, both on set and at home.
  3. Collaborate with other ACTRA Toronto Committees that focus on member-created productions.

The Green Committee seeks to empower the membership by providing information, and resources that can assist performers in living more sustainably and provide tools to productions looking to go green. Small changes can have a big impact –  as such, we will provide reports on the impact our collective efforts are having in an effort to promote, encourage and further motivate the membership. 


ACTRA Toronto sits on the Advisory Committee for Ontario Green Screen, as well as the newly formed Unions & Guilds Green Committee. The industry is working together to create policies to ensure a more sustainable model for productions to reduce carbon emissions and create a greener future.

Questions the Green Committee will address:

  • What can members do in their own lives to have a positive impact on climate? 
  • What can productions and members do on sets to have a more positive impact on the climate and leave less of a carbon footprint?
  • What can members suggest and do to advocate for sustainability on set?
  • How can ACTRA Toronto encourage producers to go green? 
  • What online events can be implemented so as to make the membership more mindful of sustainability?
  • How can members learn more about sustainability and understanding terminology, best practices, etc.


Avaah Blackwell

Avaah Blackwell is a versatile actor and stunt performer. Classically trained in Europe, Blackwell began her career touring with a theatre company across central Europe before returning to Canada to pursue opportunities in film and television. Recent credits include Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City, and Locke & Key. Miss Blackwell’s experience as a Rotary Youth Ambassador (Sassenheim, The Netherlands) and upbringing in a military family has instilled in her a strong sense of service above self. 

Avaah has a strong affinity for humanitarian efforts, especially those involving youth, seniors, veterans, animals and the environment. When not working on screen, Avaah can be found supporting her love for film by working for TIFF and Sundance Film Festival. She alternates on ACTRA Toronto Council and is involved with various committees. .



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