Picket line protocol for ACTRA Toronto members reporting for work to a set at York University

CUPE 3903 Units 1 (teaching assistants), 2 (contract faculty) and 3 (graduate assistants) have been on strike since February 26, 2024.

ACTRA Toronto stands in solidarity with CUPE 3903 and its efforts to engage in meaningful discussions with York University.

The goal to enrich the quality of education at York University while fighting for decent wages during times of immense financial crisis, job stability for the workers who do over half the teaching at the university, and better workplace conditions that improve the learning experience for students, must remain paramount.

We urge York University to return to the table and finish bargaining with CUPE 3903.

If you are reporting for work to a set on the York campus, you may encounter picket lines organized by CUPE when entering or leaving work.

ACTRA members are NOT in a legal strike position and are reminded that they are expected to report to work as scheduled. That said, you should not attempt to cross a picket line where you believe your personal safety is at risk. Should this occur, you should contact the production’s ACTRA Business Rep for instructions.

Please see below some frequently asked questions with our answers based on the most current information available to us. We will provide updates as information changes that affects ACTRA members.